Guyana’s tallest flagpole erected at Durban Park


As citizens prepare to celebrate the 46th anniversary of Guyana being a Cooperative Republic, plans are underway to hold flag raising ceremonies across the country. In Georgetown, the once swampy and bushy Durban Park area, between Hadfield Street and Homestretch Avenue, is undergoing major transformation.

The tallest flagpole in Guyana erected at Durban Park
The tallest flagpole in Guyana erected at Durban Park

The area has been cleared and levelled as part of plans to hold the flag raising ceremony for Georgetown, at the location. The center piece of the event will be the hoisting of what will be the largest Golden Arrowhead, atop the tallest flag pole ever erected, locally.

The 200-foot flagpole
The 200-foot flagpole

The flag pole was hoisted into place today, just after 3 pm, by workers from Nauth Construction, assisted by members of the Guyana Fire Service. The pole is 200 feet, of which 180 feet stands above ground.

Members of the GDF at the site today preparing
Members of the GDF at the site today ensuring preparations are in place  





  1. What a SIN…should this money be wasted on such bull!!! The National Park is the place, SOS all over again…’Same Old Shit’

  2. The Gov’t is hoping to refill the Treasury from the Sale of Our Oil. In this dreamy mode , the Population will have to bear up. Eat 2 meals per day and work harder.and there will be Co-lateral damages during this period. Some of us will have go to Bed hungry

  3. yes correct what about the holes in all the steets are the not more important than a park right now and why so many soldiers at the scene what is their purpose there .

  4. From an empty Treasury? Is this really necessary and a priority in the grand scheme of country’s needs? Civil servants pay increase? How insulting to our people. Does this replace the use of the National Park?


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