APNU Rally: “Donald could duck but he can’t hide” – Opposition says he has made democracy homeless



By Kurt Campbell

Leader of the Opposition, David Granger about to address his supporters.
Leader of the Opposition, David Granger about to address his supporters.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –The combined Opposition has been successful in its mobilization of support to reject a decision by President Donald Ramotar to prorogue Guyana’s Parliament with thousands attending the first of a series of rallies at the Square of the Revolution tonight, following the Monday development.

Though several speakers addressed the gathering, common among the messages was that the President’s decision was a threat to democracy and that general election along with constitutional reform was needed to address a political crisis, engineered by Ramotar and his administration.

Opening the batting with a cheering crowd was Opposition Parliamentarian, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine. He said that the ruling People’s Progressive Party has done a grave injustice to all Parliamentarians, including its own.

“The PPP has made democracy homeless,” he said as he denounced what he said were attempts by the minority government to continue along a path of one Party rule.

He was the first to prompt that general elections are necessary; reminding that the prorogation came ahead of a debate on the No Confidence Motion against the Donald Ramotar administration, which once successful, would have triggered general elections.

“We are not afraid to face elections… we want elections now because this government must be changed now, we have the answer to dictatorial arrogance,” he exclaimed; calling on supporters to get used to gathering at the location since it will continue until the Party sees desired results.

A section of the crowd at the Square of the Revolution.
A section of the crowd at the Square of the Revolution.

Dr. Roopnarine says he cannot promise that a day will come when supporters will “march on the Office of the President.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by members of the main opposition and parliamentary coalition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). Chairing the rally was Opposition Chief Whip Amna Ally who turned out to be a good sport and provided the gathering with jokes at intervals.

At one point she claimed he had received a call informing her that the entire Cabinet was suffering from cold sweat with the huge turnout the rally received.

The crowd signaled their agreement, with load cheers and applause, whenever speakers hinted that “Donald Ramotar must go.”

Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes addresses the crowd.
Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes addresses the crowd.

Also joining the APNU was the minority opposition Party – the Alliance for Change (AFC). The Party’s Chairman, Nigel Hughes submitted that the President has changed this Republic into a kingdom; urging those gathered that it was a situation to take very seriously and not joke about.

“We must be serious lest we walk backward into colonialism,” he said; adding that “this is an unprecedented move that has thrown the country into deep waters and a political crisis.”

According to Hughes, Former President and PPP Leader, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan must be “turning in his grave” to see the anti-democratic stance Ramotar has taken.

Hughes maintained that there will be no extra parliamentary engagement with the President during this period even as he drew attention to the Party’s intention to lobby international Bodies to have the President reverse his decision and reconvene Parliament.

He plugged too for constitutional reform; pointing out that the President has used constitutional provisions to embark on his dictatorial path.

The highlight of the evening was the Leader of the Opposition, David Granger. Loud laughter erupted when he said “Donald could duck but he can’t hide.”

According to Granger, the purpose of the prorogation is to duck from the No Confidence vote, from holding Local Government Elections, from a debate on financial improprieties and other sanctions and scrutiny in the National Assembly.

He said Ramotar has proved to be a dictator by his actions and speech in recent days.

Mr Granger greets some of his supporters shortly after his speech.
Mr Granger greets some of his supporters shortly after his speech.

“He never accepted that his government was a minority… he doesn’t realize that the ground is moving from under the PPP’s feet and people are joining APNU by droves.”

According to the Opposition Leader, the President thinks he is being clever when in fact all he is being is a “clever duck.”

He opined that the ruling Party does not understand the suffering of ordinary Guyanese; urging that the time has come for the PPP to leave office as he promised a better life for all Guyanese.

He ended the rally on a high note with the crowd agreeing that the No Confidence Motion was necessary along with the reconvening of Parliament and early general elections.



  1. Gille why racial tension comes up every time pnc go to the polls from 92 to now?
    why racial tension comes up when pnc dont get things their way?
    take off your pnc blinders and seeit for wha t it is..
    pnc only have a 30% support base sonce their other 10% dont bother to vote on election day..pnc knows it never won an election in guyana and will never win one once its free fair transparent..so cut your race crap..

  2. ‘Gray’ that is just your foolish opinion and it has not affected me in anyway, nor will it detract from the truth.

    If wanting to see a peaceful resolution to the crisis in my beloved country makes me a criminal in your narrow sighted eyes then so be it.

    As your silly and shallow response says alot about who you are.

    Again i say show me what your forefathers regardless of their race. Has done for Guyana that gives you the right to your feeling of entitlement.

  3. curtis..cant get in on this racist inews blcking it but u r saying guyana dont belong to ppp but belonged to pnc so go tell your crap to the amerindians and see what they have to say.

  4. I wish Gray would stop hiding behind his trumped up European name. Because every word he utters is a dead giveaway of his thinking and sadly his race. C. Curtis has aptly addressed him and those similar to him.
    What makes them think that they will be able to reverse their minority position? If that was the case then the President should have allowed the no confidence vote and let the populace go to the polls.

    This should not be about race. But about the “human race”, who happened to be born in Guyana. I am not a “supporter” of any party in Guyana. For me its not about who is the President of Guyana. …its about the equity of the distribution of the country’s resources. It belongs to all races. So we need to cut out this racial crap.

    Cheddie must indeed be rolling in his grave. And before Gray and his cronies start to attract me let them first show me what anyone of them or their forefathers have done for Guyana. At least mine Mr. E. Gilbert struggle with and went to jail with Cheddie in the 60’s (his close friend and supporter, check at freedom house for the facts if you are so privileged) and I do not feel entitled to anything in Guyana. And for the record Mr. K. Gilbert is not related to him as he so cunningly refused to point out in the recent Walter Rodney inquiry.

    We need to get it right as Guyanese, only then we can hold true to the slogan “one people, one nation, one Destiny”.

  5. I note the position of the PPP supporters on this thread.If they are so blind that they cannot see the disastrous path ahead under the administration of these Thieving,corrupt bastards, either these notes are written from the office of the President, or they must be filling their pockets, so selfishly, do not care what happens to the country, as long as they can enrich themselves. Let me just remind all of them, Guyana does not belong to the PPP. It is not a legacy from them DADDY. We Blacks have more right to be the legitimate Owners of Guyana, not that I support this position, but the notes from PPP supporters under this thread, indicate that anyone who does not support their ideas, are not worthy of mention. They believe they know best .The worst administration this country has ever endured..Latest nonsense, they wish to fill in all the canals in the city…Do they not understand the reason they were built.. Such ignorance is lamentable but atypical of these Dolts.

  6. If all news media and I do mean all wants to be seen as fair and balanced in reporting.

    No confidence is Nagamootto baby.NO?

    PNC fell for it and had no other choice but to be stuck with it while Nagamootto ran.

    Why Nagamootto was not on stage with PNC to address the PNC crowd?

    Why was Ramjattan not on PNC stage addressing PNC crowd?

    Why was Cris Ram not on PNC stage addressing the PNC crowd.

    Rope-Narine was there on PNC stage but all he had to tell the PNC crowd was bot not watch Government TV and not to buy Guyana Chronicle and GyTimes news paper.

    In simple words Rope-Narine was there on PNC stage to promote the news media of his choice and thats SN andKN.

  7. Nagadog where are you ? you are the ungreatful one. you are now sleeping with the p n c.they never give you the speaker position but you are now kissing their feet.

  8. all fancy speech and name calling to rile up the gullible followers.

    grainger said people are joing apnu in droves..thats alright..

    donald should call snap elections now but not before getting the international community involved in security for east indians in guyana.
    these pnc people going to the polls expect to win because they are told they will win and how people are joing them in droves..
    when ppp wallop their ass at the polls they will be riled up because they will be told ppp rigged the election to remain in power.
    this is exactly how this will play out until pnc get a black president..
    its nothing esle they want..they dont have guyanese interest at heart..
    pnc never did and will never..


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