PPP ready to engage Opposition in ‘talks’ but prepared for General Elections


PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party says it is fully committed to engaging the combined Opposition but in the same breath noted its preparedness for General and Regional Elections.

The Party in a statement issued last evening expressed its belief that the Opposition, which consist of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), has a responsibility to its constituents and Guyana to engage the government in dialogue.

However, the Opposition has since clearly stated that it will not have any dialogue outside of Parliament as it rejected the President’s decision to prorogue the Parliament.

But the PPP, like President Ramotar, is still hopeful. “We believe that dialogue should not be confined to just the reconvening of the 10th Parliament but must include other issues of national importance in an effort to derive solutions on the way forward. The people of Guyana deserve nothing less at this time of unprecedented prosperity,” the PPP statement noted.

The Party noted that the position taken by the Opposition to not engage in dialogue is unfortunate.

We believe that such a position is most unfortunate and smacks of irresponsibility, especially at a time when the political situation requires political maturity and statesmanship on the part of the political parties.”




  1. What is your point? Did you not get free education from kindergarten to university, Which Government is now demanding that you pay? You need to check your brains, the recall part of it is gone. Do Port Mourant hospital have the necessary equipment to help you with this procedure for recalling information?

  2. To all the blind , I say listen you may hear of all the development of Guyana. I think I understand how some of you became blind. I guess you have a good dog? Forget your ethnicity for a few minutes and listen to your conscience. Now tell me, who put Guyana on the map PPP or PNC? You know we can take some time to compare the two. To all the blind I say, go have a free eyes surgery at Port Mourant hospital. Port Mourant has the most modern/updated ophthalmology in the Caribbean.

  3. Stop your lies.
    A labourer makes $2500.00/day with paid lunch.
    Get educated.
    Just as in the past, plant a kitchen garden.

  4. Can any true person say what the PPPc did since 1992? Guyana is in its worse state of crime from top to bottom,the city is stink,will all the billions stolen in evey project why in 2014 every home is built with a tank and water pump, the GROWTH is in Bharrat and his babd of criminals account,not in the projects intended to be spent on. Development what is that hammy/sobha, city overhall they all need to explain why the city so stink like the mess in city hall and the comady show at par-la-ment.

  5. j…i agree with most of what you said but who in guyana works for five thousand a week? dem guyanese street beggars make more so stop with that crap.

  6. You ppl need help, do u know how much poor ppl are suffering bcoz of the ppp, while they’re fulling their pockets, parents don’t have enough to even send their kids to school, PPL are working for $30 and $5ousd per week and cost of living are so high. There’s a God and he will deal with the ppp regime. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul, Think abt that.

  7. I just returned from Guyana.
    PPP/C please look after your supporters. Don’t neglect them.
    PNC will always vote PNC.
    The police are fleecing the PPP supporters.
    Be careful PPP. All is not well.
    Those who screws up, fire them quickly.
    Those with ‘palaces’ should be removed.
    The people are not happy especially watching that banquet hall to the airport at New Hope. Those are the vote losers.

  8. Mr. PRESIDENT, you seems to have too much patience with the lying opposition. You normally don’t respond to their lies, and corrupt fabrication, even kaieteurs news with all their wickedness. The world has been watching how they have been shooting themselves in the foot over and over, and over, and over again. May I remind you sir, that you are the PRESIDENT of Guyana, you’re are the elected PRESIDENT. Continue to exercise your constitutional rights. Of course those who are ignorant (don’t know) and understand the law/constitution will say what you did was illegal. When ever you see it fit/right go ahead call the general and local government elections. I know the majority will vote you in again and again, as long as you continue in growth and development.

  9. Good
    Prepare for general elections by relieving some front people.
    Especially the one with banquet Hall Santa Clause on the roof.
    The other one which walks around with young females. And when asked a question, was asked ‘how much you had to drink by the dumb head, teenager accomplice!
    KN lost a good story.


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