Another worker infected, 2 treated and discharged

Medical staff awaiting the arrival of the suspected Swine Flu patients at Ogle Airport
Regional Health Officer (RHO) Dr Vishal Ramjas said that another Guyana Manganese Inc. (GMI) employee was admitted at the Pakera Hospital and is undergoing treatment for “a respiratory tract infection”.
This announcement was made in a statement by the Ministry of Public Health, which also noted that the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) successfully treated and discharged two Chinese national who fell ill as a result of the outbreak of an infectious disease at the manganese operations in Region One (Barima-Waini).
The recently affected employee is said to be in a stable condition, Dr Ramjas said.

Only last night, a second worker died as a result of the disease, which officials say is leptospirosis.

Meanwhile, CMO Dr Shamdeo Persaud reiterated that “all precautionary measures are still in place at the Matthews Ridge tunnel site and immediate surroundings and essential medical supplies are in stock to treat employees of the mining firm and residents of the area.

Since last week’s outbreak, the area has been deemed a ‘Red Zone’ by Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) authorities and “no one is allowed to enter the site,” Dr Persaud reminded Thursday.








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