Another prisoner dies at Camp St jail

Director of Prisons, Carl Graham, has confirmed that another prisoner at the Camp Street Penitentiary passed away  earlier today (Sunday).
However, this prisoner was not involved in the recent uprising that had erupted at the jailhouse.
According to the Director, the inmate was for some time now in the infirmary; separated from the mayhem that was ongoing in the other sections of the prison.
Graham, at the time, was unable to provide additional details on the development.
That aside, he noted that the injured inmates who were involved in the rioting at the Prison are so far in a stable condition.
Graham also assured that following the meeting with government officials, the prisoners have remained calm and that there is no immediate indication of more unrest pending.
He explained that the prisoners are now enjoying the extended period – as announced by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan – to make contact with relatives.
The Director of Prisons stressed that the damages caused during the three-day rioting have already been rectified.
On the evening of March 2, inmates at the Camp Street Prison started about nine fires in an attempt to express dissatisfaction over living conditions there.
In fact, the confiscation of several prohibited items earlier that day prompted the whole reaction.
The next day, the prisoners again started rioting which led to the deaths of 17 inmates.
The following day was also marred with unrest.
It was not until government officials visited the prison and negotiated with the criminals, promising to meet their demands, that normalcy was restored.


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