Opposition Leader restates call for int’l probe into fake SoPs during 2015 elections


Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, at an event over the weekend, has restated his party’s position, that is; there should be an international investigation launched into the false Statements of Poll (SoPs) which were allegedly in GECOM’s database moments before the 2015 General and Regional Elections results were declared.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Jagdeo who was at the time addressing hundreds of supporters at Babu Jaan, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice at the observance of the death anniversary of the Party’s founding leader and late President, Dr Cheddi Berret Jagan said that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will be moving to have election crimes punishable by law before the next Regional and General Elections in 2020.

“Before the next elections, we have to lobby for legislation to make elections crime punishable by law. We must have thorough legislation against [Guyana Elections Commission] GECOM officials who act fraudulently. GECOM has never taken any of its employees to court,” Jagdeo told the mammoth crowd.

“We have to push for an investigation into why the Returning Officer of Region Four [Demerara-Mahaica] shut her door so that the PPP could not submit its request for a recount. We must get answers as to why GECOM tried to strike out our elections petitions even though they were not a party to the elections. We must insist that all observers – including GECOM, international and the Private Sector – follow a protocol at the Local Government Elections,” Jagdeo told his supporters as he outlined some of the activities the Party would be involved in as it prepared to get back into office.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader told supporters that the Party lost the 2015 National Elections because of its own complacency, false promises by the Coalition and the message of corruption on the part of the then Government which was being preached.

He said the Party only looked good on paper going into the May elections, but was weak in terms of structure. Jagdeo said a post-mortem of the elections was done and proved that despite the lapses the Party had going into the elections, it should have been victorious.



  1. What is important here is whether the audience swallowed his garbage which was tailored to fool rural grassroots supporters who don’t ask too many questions and who take the PPP line as gospel. They probably swallowed every word of it even though the PPP abandoned them and looked after the interests of the rich.

  2. Right now,Jagdeo is a FAKE.He seems to be out of his mind.He has done so much wrong that out shines the little good he has done.BE A MAN AND NOT A MANGO.DO NOT CRITICIZE MERELY FOR CRITICISM SAKE,BE REALISTIC.

  3. Oh Bharrat, you cannot fight the Devil in Hell! Can You? In time these Devils will meet their own demise.Have patient,my boy

  4. Jagdeo,it is only a fool who believes he/she can win anything or everything all the time.Look at any game,for instance,whether it is cricket or football etc,you win,you lose,or you lose or win,that`s a reality.STOP LIVING IN A COCOON.BE REALISTIC.You seem to be a confused individual right now.At one time you blame your supporters for being complacent,and in the same breath you blame GECOM for irregularities,ARE YOU INSANE?

  5. what a blow hard. all he does is constantly scream how he’s gonna do this and he’s gonna do that … he’s so full of #$%$. he knows any nonsense he says or try to do can be shot down now. and he certainly doesn’t want to start trouble either. so what exactly does he think he’s going to do about what???? apparently mommy and daddy didn’t hug him enough. it would be refreshing to hear something civil and helpful come out of his face for once. like how he will help guyanese people or maybe how he could work with another country to a similar end. but then … I guess we’d need unicorns and bigfoot to help that happen.


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