20-yr-old ‘drug addict’ admits to stealing mother’s jewellery

* sentencing deferred, probation report ordered
A 20-year-old man who admitted that he stole his mother’s jewellery will know his fate on March 17.
Avinash Ram
Avinash Ram

Avinash Ram, of Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast, pleaded guilty to the larceny charge when he appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce on Friday at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court. Standing with a red shirt, three-quarter pants and a rosary around his neck, Ram admitted that he stole jewellery from his mother.  The charge stated that between February 27 and March 2, 2016, he stole a gold chain valued $100,000 and a gold ring valued $20,000, property of Paradai Yugeshwar.  Sentencing was, however, deferred as the Magistrate ordered a probation report to be submitted.

Ram, who was not represented, told the Court he was a drug addict and when he used drugs, he could not remember what he did.
His parents were present in court and when questioned, they said he was never abusive or arrogant around them. The mother admitted that she suspected her son was using drugs. The father requested that the Magistrate discharge the case as he wanted to put his son somewhere safe where he could control him. Magistrate Scarce, however, informed the father that his son had pleaded guilty to an offence which required sentencing. The Magistrate further related that given Ram’s explanation, the case required a probation report. The case will continue on March 17.


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