Father given 4 days to pay child support or face jail time

A father of three from the Essequibo Coast in Region Two  (Pomeroon-Supenaam), was given four days by Magistrate Sunil Scarce to pay arrears he owed for four years for child maintenance.
Sewh Persaud appeared before Magistrate Scarce on Friday at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court.
When the case was called, Persaud pleaded with Magistrate Scarce to give him two months to settle his arrears, claiming that he was poor and unemployed and had other children to maintain who were all toddlers. He begged not to go to jail as his toddlers would suffer. He also told the Court that he was willing to pay $20,000 as that was all he had in his bank account.  The Court heard that Persaud owed $78,000 for child support, as he had not paid the required amount for the past four years. As such, an arrest warrant was issued for him. Persaud’s relatives who were present in Court begged for two months to pay his arrears; however, the Magistrate said that the money must be paid in four days’ time or the defendant would be jailed. The case will be called again on Tuesday, March 8.


  1. This must be a joke, can the Magistrate educate us as to how sending a poor man to jail helps the children or anybody, rather you are sending someone to a place to stay with criminal at the expenses of tax payers.it is high time the Magistrate are vetted before appointment. a women’s right activist doesn’t qualify to be a magistrate because that is conflict of interest. I would have expected that the Magistrate would probably award community service or fine. definitely not jail except there is more to this story

  2. Putting him in jail will achieve what? if he has to take care of the children, and does not have a job, locking him away will get them nothing~any dumb-ass can figure that out! find the man a job.


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