American with Guyanese ties for Congress

Grant Lally.


Grant Lally.
Grant Lally.

[] – Grant Lally has the opportunity to become the first voice for Guyanese Americans in the U.S. Congress this November if he defeats Democratic incumbent Steve Israel.

Lally, a Long Island native, has had strong ties to the Guyanese community in New York before marrying Guyanese-American Deborah Misir. The two are co-founders of a prominent Mineola based law firm and have been active in American politics for over 20 years.

iNews conducted an interview session with Lally recently:

Q: Why are you running for Congress?

A: When I was growing up, America was a place where anyone, from any walk of life, could come, work hard, and become successful. In recent years however things have changed as the Obama Administration has pushed government deeper into people’s lives. Hard work isn’t rewarded like it used to be and that is what is keeping the economy from thriving. I want to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that has been the backbone of the American economy, so that this country can return to prosperity.

Q: How will you represent the interests of Guyanese Americans in Congress?

A: I have learned from traveling to Guyana and meeting with Guyanese-Americans here in the states that the Guyanese people are a very entrepreneurial people. I’ve known many who have started their own businesses and have become very successful, but the current administration’s policies are attacking that success. High taxes and strangling regulations are choking the profits of small businesses everywhere, especially in the Guyanese community.

Mr Lally and his wife, Deborah Misir
Mr Lally and his wife, Deborah Misir

Q: You say you’ve been traveled to Guyana often, which part do you enjoy visiting the most?

A: That’s really hard to say, Guyana’s such a wonderful country that it is hard to choose. The natural beauty of the Berbice region is amazing, so green and full of life. When I visit my family in New Amsterdam I really enjoy the historic feel of the city. The spirit and energy of the people in Georgetown really make the city come alive. The incredible beauty of Essequibo, up river to Bartica and Baganara, is unmatched in this world. I just really enjoy everywhere I’ve been lucky enough to travel to in Guyana.

Q: What is your favorite part of Guyanese culture?

The hospitality of the people. I am always amazed at how welcoming the Guyanese are, always inviting friends and family over to enjoy each other’s company. And I can’t go anywhere without someone offering me one of my favorite Guyanese dishes, roti and dhal or curry chicken.



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