“All talk, no walk; all gear, no game” – Ramson raps Gov’t youth exclusion


By Jomo Paul

PPP MP, Charles Ramson during his budget presentation,
PPP MP, Charles Ramson during his budget presentation.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Ramson Jr says that he cannot vote to pass the 2015 Budget since it is “flaccid” and does not adequately address the concerns of Guyana’s youth.

In his maiden budget presentation, Ramson said since its ascension to office, the APNU+AFC administration has been “neglecting the youth of Guyana” – something which he deemed unconstitutional.

“First the government relegated and denigrated the Ministry of youth…something that we totally disagree with…young people should occupy seats of power in all spheres of the State especially in the cabinet,” said Ramson.

“Youth are the reason you now occupy that seat of power and we deserve more than two measly paragraphs in your budget presentation,” he stated, noting that the government is “all talk, no walk; all gear, no game.”

According to him, the APNU+AFC while in Opposition had facile ideas about the development of Guyana but now that it has gained office, it is clear to see that those ideas as in fact “flaccid.”

However, Junior Health Minister Dr Karen Cummings fired back at Ramson shortly after he made his speech. According to her, during the 23 years that the PPP was in parliament, no emphasis was placed on Guyana’s youth.

She said that the Party had ample opportunity to develop a youth policy but did not do such but rather sent the youth unemployment rate up to 40%. The Junior Minister pointed out that within the first 100 days in office, the APNU+AFC has been able to produce a draft youth policy document.

Dr Cummings also noted that new government will be taking a frontal approach to dealing with the issue of suicide and promised that Guyana will be the “mecca” of good health in the future.



  1. Nag worry with he. He vex that he ain’t get a chance to get on the gravy train. He was so looking forward to that. Poor chap.


  3. What does that nonentity know about a budget… Just as uneducated and stupid as all the rest of those PPP ministers… Thank god they’re all out as this one really is punching above his weight… Damn idiot

  4. Good to see the PPP back in the assembly! The APNU is so full with un-educated people, Jagdeo already made them choke on their first appearance. Did anyone listen to Ramjattan speech? Does this guy know English? He needs to seek anger management to fix his loosen screws in the brain! What a stupid behavior by the APNU in front of public media. Now that the PPP is back, the can expose the un-educated ministers one by one. Guyana need smart people to move FWD, not dunce like moses, ramjattan, haroon and granger. -put their heads on the Titanic and it is sinking in the bottom of the Atlantic just like Guyana is sinking with these clowns….Some made stupid comments that the current administration does not express Racism….explain an all AFRO cabinet -Firing the indians from ALL the top positions and install all non-educated AFRO? Explain the 3-million the gave to the AFRO community….and zero to the others! Some people do not get it…the PNC government/ APNU will never change….until the younger generation who help them win this election have a taste of who they really are, they would not understand. For the 4 months they are in power, so many migrated Guyanese are already regretting the support they gave them. The need to make a quick change….stop acting racist….work together and improve the economy, increase the dollar value, create jobs and most importantly provide security for the people.

  5. Great job Ramson. Continue your work.we need more brave speakers like u to stand against these unjust so call leaders.

  6. Great presentation Ramson….dont bother with the jealous idiots…let them talk @%^$# that’s what they are good at…

  7. ramson jr is an idiot just like his father, he expects the new government to follow in the footsteps of the pppc government and hire uneducated and untrained youth to run important government offices.
    This government is putting the youth as under studies of the experienced ministers so when the minister retires the transition of office would not be difficult.
    Just take a look at who they have in Parliament representing the Indo Guyanese, 1 Female Abuser, 2 car Thieves, 2 extra judicial Murderers, and a bunch of other crooks.

  8. You people need to stop the dam Indian black nonsense. Your a third world country work together and make something of GUYANA.Work together and stop the fighting. Don’t let the pass run your future. Them old fool like to live in the pass.don’t fall for it. Young women and young men stand up and make GUYANA a place of pride. Remember racism and hate is learned at home from the old.

  9. For 23 yrs its was thief as much you can,to hell with all the other races,only look after the 3% of barrat and friends,and push as much DRUGS as you can,just take a look at the news of indo the one and only nation in Guyana,,,,that is what many of you thought,,,the indo stars Kem LAll,edd Amad,Roger khan,and the list goes on,,,

  10. When the APNU/AFC was the opposition they always complained of not being involved in the preparation of the budget. They participated in the budget debate and used their one seat majority to veto or not fund any program or project that they did not like or disapproved. The PPP government at that time created a subcommittee that included members of the opposition to participate in budget preparation but as usual they often refused to participate or attend but waited until they were in parliament to voice their dissatisfaction and disapproval. The current government prepared the current budget all on their own with absolutely no input from the opposition. They are presenting the biggest budget in the history of Guyana something that they had accused the PPP government of doing. Let’s face the facts – the governmrnt with their one seat majority abused their previledge of doing bad for Guyana and more or less stagnated the progress of the country and took the Guyanese people back to to the dark dates. They do not care what they opposition say or want. They talked inclusiveness but in essence is practicing bullism – Mr. Random so right in his speak but of course it does not matter at all to the APNU / AFC regime. There is no strategic plan to create opportunities and develop the youths of Guyana. Sorry to say folks – we have a bunch of folks in the parliament that are opportunists that are there for themselves and not the Guyana prople. With the mentality Guyana is and will always remain a racially divided country.


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