Region 4 Capital Works not suspended; REO unaware of who sent statement


By Fareeza Haniff

Earl Lambert - Deputy chairman (right); Genevieve Allen - Chairperson (center) and Ameena Hinds - Regional Executive Officer (ag)
Earl Lambert – Deputy chairman (right);
Genevieve Allen – Chairperson (center) and Ameena Hinds – Regional Executive Officer (ag)

[] – The acting Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region 4, Ameena Hinds and other officials are at a loss as to why a press statement from the Ministry of Communities would announce that all capital works in the region are suspended until next year.

The officials called an emergency press conference on Monday, August 17, following a statement carried in sections of the media, including iNews and Stabroek News, to the effect that the projects were suspended due to policies and actions of the previous administration.

According to the release from the Ministry of Communities, approval of the 2015 budget was delayed owing to the actions of the People’s Progressive Party /Civic (PPP/C) administration in 2014.

The statement was sent via email address – [email protected] – by Mark DaCosta, who claims that he is the Research Officer to the Minister, Ministry of Communities and was signed by Deolall Rooplall, Regional Executive Officer Region # 4.

But Chairperson of Region 4, Genevieve Allen revealed that Rooplall’s contract with the Council concluded in July 07, 2015 and it was not renewed. She assured that all contracts under $4.1 Billion 2015 programme will be implemented once the budget is passed in the National Assembly

“I have called this press conference to alleviate the fear that has arisen in the minds of residents of region four concerning the matter,” the Chairperson said.

The works will see the construction of schools, the renovation of Chest Clinic at Diamond Hospital, the extension of the delivery room at the same hospital, extension of Melanie Health Centre; extension of the diabetic foot care unit at Golden Grove and the construction of a pharmacy at Clonbrook Health Centre.

As it relates to current expenditure, Region 4 is expected to receive a total of $3.9 billion and $237 million for capital expenditure. Its total budgetary allocation of $4.1 billion amounts to a sizeable increase from the past two years.



  1. that is what happens when you keep the PPP witches and wizards still in office, do the witch hunting and clean them out. lots of them look black and they will make this stupid administration disappear in 2020.

  2. this is what happen when the focus is on witch hunting everyone is so preoccupied with revenge that the business of the people is put on the sideline


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