PPP will contest LGE but still wants Surujbally removed

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha.

Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it “is deeply concerned” over the state of uncertainty surrounding the calling of the long overdue Local Government elections (LGE) and is prepared to contest it, providing that the “conditions are conducive for its active participation.”

General Secretary, Clement Rohee at a press conference on Monday, August 17 listed a number of demands to be met by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) before the PPP participates in the elections.

Some of these conditions include:

  1. Ensure each elector is placed in exactly the specific constituency and/or NDC where they are residing and is on the appropriate list of electors specific to that constituency and/or NDC.


  1. The boundaries for each NDC and constituency are settled to the complete satisfaction of the PPP with the names and addresses of each elector situated within the relevant boundary where the elector is a resident.


  1. There should be public re-advertisement for officials who are desirous of filling specific positions and responsibilities on election’s day on behalf of GECOM.


  1. The Claims and Objections period be held in conformity with the lists of elections agreed upon and accepted by the political parties.


  1. Mount an aggressive and user-friendly public relations campaign targeted to specific issues of concern to the elector and the proportional representation and constituency electoral process.


  1. Launch an aggressive public relations campaign encouraging electors to take advantage of transfers to allow them to vote at the elections.


  1. There should be public vetting of polling day staff already in the pool save their placement at specific polling stations.


  1. The PPP will also be pressing for the following:


  • a new Voters’ List
  • implementation of an e-voting system
  • enhanced Biometrics
  • ethnic balance in staff hired by GECOM

When questioned if the PPP will still contest the elections under the chairmanship of Dr. Steve Surujbally, the PPP General Secretary said, “We are still calling for the removal of Surujbally…it does not contradict decision to contest Local Government Elections.”

Following the lost at the May 11 General and Regional elections after 23 years in government, the PPP accused Dr Surujbally of colluding with the APNU+AFC to rig the elections.



  1. If Surujbally were to be removed they will continue to, and the IAC will consider it as more reason to investigate the government for ethnic cleansing. The Government should not give them any more opportunity to engage in their asininity.

  2. Rohee the idiot,for yrs u guys were in power and never called a LGE so whats ur problem now???you are nothng else than a dumb beast.YOUR LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE IS SO LIMITED AS THE BRAIN CELLS IN YOUR BODY.sTOP PUSSY FOOTING LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN AND GO BACK TO SCHOOL.I am very tired reading your unadulturated poppycock and literary trash.Disgusting!!ANPU IS THE POWER HOUSE NOW SO SIT BACK RELAX AND DO AS THEY SAY.

  3. Pedro you are an idiot. Mr. Rohee is representing that 49% that voted for the PPP/C solidly. There is no need for your elementary mentality on this respectable site.

    Come next National and Regional elections APNU+AFC=PNC chances of winning has been reduced.

    For many who jumped ship they aren’t supporting this Administration any longer.

  4. Poor PooPyParty.Sorry for you.I guess you really mean that you will not take part in LGE unless the playing field is tilted in your direction.Dream on, dream on.I am also very sad that Roti continues to be your spokesperson.He needs some serious brain surgery.Oops I forgot, he is brain dead!


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