Albouystown teen was lashed to head with wood, stabbed to heart

Jumal Parks
Jamal Parks

Family members are demanding justice for 16-year-old Jumal Parks of Albouystown, Georgetown who was this morning stabbed to death by three young men from the community.

The man’s sister told INews that her brother was most likely killed after he attempted to make peace between some colleagues involved in a fight a few days ago.

“The problem came about because he has a little friend who is 15-year-old and he is 16-year-old…some boys slapped his little friend. So, he turn and tell the boys ‘don’t slap that boy, that boy is a lil banna than you’,” the sister explained.

The perpetrators, according to the sister, were angered by her younger brother’s intervention and as such, they reportedly told him “you gonna see what I gonna do to you”.

She explained that her brother did not take the threat seriously.

However, today, whilst Parks was working at a wash bay in the community, three boys approached and began throwing objects at him.

Parks, in defense, began to pelt bricks at them. When he was out of bricks, he began to run away.

However, the boys reportedly caught up with him and lashed him to the head with a piece of wood. They then stabbed him to his heart and began beating him about his body.

“He run into an enclosed area and there is where they stabbed him in his heart, lash he with a four by four [wood] in the head. The four by four come first because he collapse on the ground and then they bore he,” the sister explained.

She is demanding justice for her younger brother.

“My brother live with me for sometime. The only thing with he is he mouth, but who don’t get their mouth but he is a loving person…I can’t understand how my brother died so senselessly. I can’t explain. It really hurting me,” the sister expressed.

Meanwhile, the young man’s father, Brent Park, expressed “I want justice for me son. If I can’t get justice, I gonna stand up and see if I gonna spend my last dollar, you hear, I swear to God, I want to see justice. Because if I don’t see justice, I gonna take my own justice. I don’t care…but I want the police to do their job. My son, he ain’t deserve this. If he did bad, I wudda understand.”

After the incident, Parks was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigations are ongoing.