A desperate AFC in race with APNU to the bottom – PPP

Opposition members in Parliament
Opposition members in Parliament

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) last evening issued a statement in which it deems as “utter rubbish”, the so-called “public revelation” by Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, that the PPP/C is attempting to “buy off” three Parliamentarians at $30M each to vote against the ‘no confidence’ motion.

The PPP said this startling “disclosure” is tantamount to a smear campaign and follows “a long line of baseless and delusional utterances emanating from the mouth of Ramjattan which forces the PPP to seriously question Ramjattan’s mental stability”.
The party said it notes with relief that based upon recent disclosures, Ramjattan will not be vying for either the Presidential candidate or Prime Ministerial position for his party and therefore the people of Guyana will not be burdened with a person in such a mental state.

The PPP said, too, that it rejects this outrageous allegation and challenges Mr. Ramjattan to forthwith disclose, publicly, the names of the three Parliamentarians to which he makes reference and to further make a full and frank public disclosure of all or any information which he claims he has received in relation to this matter.

In addition, the PPP expects Ramjattan to lodge a report with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) forthwith, furnishing the Police with the information he has received with a request to immediately commence an investigation since his allegations border on criminality.

“From all appearances, the AFC appears to be in stiff competition with the APNU in a race to the bottom aimed at grabbing media headlines, thus the reckless statements and challenges emanating within recent times from both Parties,” the PPP stated.

The ruling party alluded to the fact that it has a well-established track record spanning over six decades of defending and struggling for Electoral, Parliamentary and Constitutional democracy and the rule of law. Our democratic credentials is not only recognised nationally and internationally but can withstand scrutiny from any quarter. The party of Cheddi Jagan will never do anything to undermine the democratic rights and constitutional freedoms of our people.

The PPP holds firmly to the view that within recent times, the AFC has become unpredictably desperate and is obviously prepared to adopt senseless postures and make irrational statements in their quest to exaggerate their importance and standing. Moses Nagamootoo’s statement about “political diarrhoea” must therefore be situated in that context.

In any event, the AFC must be advised that such statements and postures will get them nowhere save to have them end up with a petard in their hands.
During an afternoon press briefing by the Alliance For Change at the Georgetown Club yesterday, AFC’s Ramjattan declared: “We have gotten reliable information that the PPP’s answer to the No-Confidence motion… is to buy off three Parliamentarians at $30M each to vote No rather than Yes.”
Asked whether he could speak on behalf of his own party members accepting such an offer, the AFC leader responded in the negative, saying that, “the AFC 7 is going to hold true to that position [of a No Confidence Motion] and, I am absolutely certain that they will.”
He further expressed that he is not of the authority to speak on behalf of the 26 seats in the National Assembly occupied by the main Opposition party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).
He did say however that he is “absolutely certain” that the APNU MPs “are going to hold true”, but a cautious Ramjattan urged for “Parliamentarians to be honest with themselves and to be honest with their consciences and to be honest with the people of Guyana.”



  1. Our readers should be enlightened to the fact that the GECOM has a new computerized system that is yet to be ventilated. Nobody is making excuses, we have to use the facts and clearly input so as to not give an inaccurate opinion of the circumstances surrounding the delay in calling for LGE. Let’s blog and not try to hide the facts from our readers and leave it open for them to decide.

  2. In 2010, the LGE reforms that were supposed to be passed in Parliament were not passed, so there was no support for staging LGE. In 2011, Ramotar promised LGE before the end of 2012. After he won, Parliament passed four LGE bills, setting the stage for LGE. Ramotar signed three of the four bills, and then the PPP’s lies started: The people are not ready, then Gecom is not ready.
    In every democracy that caters for elections, the incumbent government is responsible for ensuring elections are held on time. In Guyana, it is every five years and for only 400,000 voters, half of whom stay home, anyway. The PPP is deathly afraid of elections, whether LGE or GR&E! Stop making excuses for a corrupt and vindictive party and government.

  3. Emile, there is no attempt to deny us as I see it. From someone on the ground who has been following this, I can’t see which government in their rightful mind will call for LGE when the elections commissions is clearly not ready. The PPP government has given their reasons for not calling LGE and I have to say it is a credible reason. What reason did the opposition give for their walk out in 2010? I do believe that it is our democratic right to these elections but it must be and should be done clearly in a transparent and obviously democratic way where everyone has a fair and level playing field. Currently with dead people still showing up on the voters list, I can’t say that I disagree with the government and with irregularities like this, who knows what other incompetent accident is waiting?

  4. the afc knows its time is inexorably coming to an end, as with all third parties in this country…. uf, asgar ally ,ravi dev, good and green, and others had their time. but when the novelty has worn off they all fade into oblivion… whether its trotman, ramjattan, nagamootoo ,or nigel hughes who lead the afc, it doesn’tmatter. that’s a fact of life in Guyana’s politics. but when a party is built on falsehood ,hate, spite, bitterness and personal animosity like the afc, it creates such a resentment that even its most loyal followers sometimes turn around and destroy it with such a missionary zeal that its decline is all the more shocking. my opinion is that the pnc will outlast the afc by ages. and this is not because of race but because the afc is totally opportunistic.

  5. If the party of Cheddie Hagan will not do anything to undermine the democratic rights and constitutional freedoms of Guyanese, then why is the same PPP denying voters their constitutional right to LGE and is obviously scared of G&RE? The PPP is fooling itself, not voters.

  6. Ramjattan said that he has ‘reliable information’ so he has by law to take it to take it to the police for investigation. Let’s see wheter he will. Granger said its not the PNC, Ramotar condemned it and the AFC has the information. So who did the invention? Ramjattan is not credible anymore.

  7. The PPP track record is there for everyone to see… Development of our country is taking place before our eyes. Same can’t be said under the pnc leadership. Every government has it’s negative sides even in developed countries. What would your pnc or afc have to offer other than what we are currently seeing Mr. Sam? Do tell!

  8. Mr. Ramjattan I’m appalled that someone like you who is regarded as one of the better minds in the country would stoop to the level you are currently at. To try and instil this notion in the minds of the populace suggests that you sir hold the people in Guyana with mental disabilities. However, we have seen that your efforts are all the same shenanigans that are a continuation of the Amalia falls project, the international airport and the anti money laundering bill. I do believe that you are at the same level with Hamilton Greene and his wife and I’m certain that Cheddi Jagan is looking at you with total and utter disgust. Your time is dwindling, do enjoy it while it last, for your sake, I hope you have a plan!!!


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