2017 NGSA results out today


Just over two months after 13,657 students wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination at schools across the country, the anticipation of those students as well as their parents will come to an end today (Friday) when the Education Ministry releases the results.
According to the Ministry, the announcement of the 2017 NGSA results will be done during a press conference slated for 13:00h today at its Lot 26 Brickdam, Georgetown office.
Some 13,657 students from across Guyana wrote the National Grade Six Assessment on April 12 and 13 this year, two weeks earlier than last year.
NGSA is a placement examination offered at the end of the primary cycle to determine which secondary school students will be allotted.
During the two-day examination period, the students were assessed in four subject areas: English Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies – two on each day.
Each subject consists of two papers – Paper Two was the first paper written and consisted of essay-type questions while Paper One consisted of multiple choice questions.
However, prior to this, the students had to write the National Grades Two and Four Assessments back in 2012 and 2014 respectively. A percentage of the marks from all three assessments will be calculated to determine the overall performance of each student.
The overall performance is calculated by adding five per cent of each candidate’s Grade Two scores in Mathematics and English, and 10 per cent of the Grade Four score in the same subjects. This was then added to a further 85 per cent of each candidate’s score in those subjects at the Grade Six Assessment.
The combined scores in Mathematics and English were then added to the scores gained in Science and Social Studies.
Last year, some 14,500 students wrote the NGSA examination. The 2016 NGSA top spot was taken by Dharmic Rama Krishna’s Aryan Singh and Mae’s Schools Anthony Ferreira with a tie of 568 marks. Serena Razack of Graham’s Hall Primary School followed narrowly behind with 565 marks.






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