1st women sewing centre, garage commissioned in Kamana

Minister Sukhai and residents of Kamana Village after the commissioning of the projects

The village of Kamana in Region Eight recently commissioned its first-ever women’s sewing centre and a garage to store its fuel and village vehicles.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI) during an outreach to the region on Saturday, Toshao Robert Peters said the village is currently experiencing a massive transformation.

He explained that the initiative would allow women to learn a new skill and become employed in the community, as well as support school children with their uniforms.

“It will bring work for the women’s group which has already been established. During every school term, the children can also have their clothes sewed and stuff like that,” the village leader noted.

The cost of the sewing centre is almost $6 million. The construction started in September and by late November it was completed.

Meanwhile, the garage which is valued at some $3 million will act as a form of security for the village’s prime product and transportation.

“This will greatly help Kamana Village because we never had anywhere to store our fuel when it comes. And even when we buy vehicles and bikes from various grants from the government, we never had anywhere safe to park them,” Peters explained.

Additionally, the garage has been equipped with an office section to facilitate the selling of fuel and renting of its vehicles to visitors. This is being done to bring in more income for the village.

Both projects were built through the Presidential Grant and monies from Guyana’s carbon credit programme that the village received earlier this year.

“Purchasing these bikes and constructing these buildings would not have been possible without the funds from the government. So, I would like to say to them thank you for helping us and doing this for us. Because years before, we have never seen this much help,” Peters said.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, who commissioned the facilities congratulated the village for completing the projects.

“As we visit villages, we want to complete the opening and commissioning of projects. Government funds are intended to enhance the village, build out key infrastructures, and improve its economy,” Minister Sukhai underscored.

She said the various grants being sourced from the government will positively impact the lives of persons living in those far-flung communities.