160 hinterland communities to benefit from Community Development Plans


Amerindians 1[www.inewsguyana.com] – One hundred and sixty (160) Amerindian communities and villages are to be supported in their economic development through the implementation of their Community Development Plans (CDPs).

The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial and institutional capacities of the village economy of Amerindian communities/villages, improve linkages with the private sector to further develop value chains and strengthen institutional framework to support local economies.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is in the process of implementing Phase II of the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) Project. The CDPs fall under the ambit of the ADF.

According the Ministry’s Community Development Facilitator, Romanus James, the Ministry is currently completing the first component of the project, which is to engage with residents of the communities to finalise their projects.

He explained that this element involves visiting the community, reminding residents of their proposals, and examining them to ensure they are viable.

Communities are also being sensitised about the project, what it entails and what is expected of them. It was noted that a team of officials will then assess the management and implementation arrangements, and examine the business and economic feasibility of each CDP, James told the Government Information Agency. Training is being conducted in this regard.

Thus far, 92 communities in Regions 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been visited. James added that the team is currently in Region 9 and when it completes that leg, 110 communities will be covered.

During Phase l of the project, 27 communities were selected to execute the project, however 26 received disbursements to implement their respective CDPs.

Projects to be executed include farming, agro-processing, aquaculture, poultry and cattle rearing, mining, village infrastructure including; construction of village office and multi-purpose building, village shop and museum, and transportation and tourism.

The last element of the project will see communities’ benefiting from up to $5 million to execute their community-based projects. James noted that the monies will be disbursed into tranches; the first is to start up the project and the second will be for its completion. He added that the project will be closely monitored to ensure sustainability, in keeping with the agreement signed with the UNDP.




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