​Gunmen posing as patients rob Sophia Health Center

The Sophia Health Center. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

The Sophia Health Center. [iNews' Photo]
The Sophia Health Center. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Two gunmen, posing as patients in dire need of medical assistance on Friday morning (October 23) robbed several workers at the Sophia Health Center (B Field.)

iNews understands that the men, who appeared to be in their twenties, arrived at the Health Center simultaneously, with one claiming to be suffering from severe back pain and the other proceeding to speak to a nurse.

According to a Staff member, while he was dressing the wound of another patient, the gunman, who was complaining of a back injury, barged into the dressing room and said “nobody move.”

“The individual entered the dressing room saying nobody move, nobody move. I turned to see what was going on and he pulled out a handgun and put it to my head and said nobody move,” one of the doctors told iNews.

Thereafter, the gunmen instructed the three staff members in the room to move to the back and place their valuables in a bag, which he provided. According to the doctor, the men then calmly walked out of the room.

iNews understands that there was approximately 10 persons in the waiting room at the time, but the bandits did not rob them.

“About a minute after I came out and I asked if they saw anybody leave in a hurry, but nobody wasn’t paying that much attention,” the doctor related.

He said that even after the bandits had left, a third individual came by apparently to do some follow up surveillance. iNews understands that the two men visited the Health Center more than three times in the past few months in an apparent bid to canvass the scene before the robbery.

Officials at the health center were able to provide reporters with the names used by one of the bandits during two of the visits, which includes Kevin James of 285 Festival City and another time as Andre Hicken of ‘B’ Field Sophia.

Officials confirmed that the last time the men visited was last Wednesday.




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