Youths encouraged to vote at upcoming elections


Kwame McCoy [left] and Dellon Murray [right]
Kwame McCoy [left] and Dellon Murray [right]
[] – Guyanese youths have been called upon to ensure they cast their votes at regional and general elections expected later this year; even as Political Activist Kwame McCoy observes that one of the reasons for the abysmal performance of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) at the 2011 elections was poor voter turnout.

McCoy appeared, along with Radio Personality Dellon Murray, on this week’s ‘Hard Talk’ to discuss issues pertaining to the upcoming elections where he said it was absolutely important for young persons and citizens generally to exercise this constitutional right.

“It gives you a say in your country and establish your right as an individual and right to determine the future of this Country,” he said; adding that “it is important that young people recognize that voting is them having a say.”

Meanwhile, Murray opined that neither the ruling Party or the political opposition Parties have “really convinced young people to secure their votes with regards to economic development.”

His statement was met with immediate rejection by McCoy, who defended government’s delivery of programs and services to young people and the citizenry in general.

However, Murray is convinced that Guyana is becoming a hub for cheap labour, forcing young graduates to seek employment in other countries; an issue he said must be addressed urgently.

He said he was not satisfied with the delivery of commitments made by the Ramotar led administration; adding that political parties have not been paying much attention to the voices of the youth. “I think they are hearing but they are not listening.”

But McCoy argued that while there is the perception that government has made empty promises, the hard facts and statistics will prove otherwise; even as he blamed the opposition for blocking several key developmental projects.

“I don’t want to be disparaging but sometimes you get the impression that young people look forward to one shot opportunities… remember development is incremental,” McCoy added.

As the discussion heated up, McCoy shed light on the reasons for the PPP losing its majority in the National Assembly at the 2011 elections.

He said the Party is convinced that tactical mistakes were made but refused to expound.

He did say, however, that PPP supporters were over confident and did not turn out to vote. “Many of them will never make the same mistake because they have seen what has happened.”

He said too that the perception of corruption within the administration may have played a role in the abysmal performance but noted that the PPP, in all its history, has never condoned, encouraged or promoted corruption.  



  1. What rubbish kwame talking, when there is evidence of cover ups to hide the blatant corrupt practices this government has condeoned and encouraged and neven participated in. Practices such as nepotism, is another hallmark of this ppp/c government, free speech is not encouraged or allowed in Guyana. All these wrongs and evils and attrocities this government has committed over the last 2 decades while in office is abysmal. Its good that they can acknowledge the things that led to the minority status they have, but don’t duck your heads in the sand and deny the fact that corruption exists within your state agencies, evidence exists that they are aware of but turning a blind eye to it.


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