Youths are tired of race politics; Blue Caps Member chastises politicians for promoting it


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard

[] – Board Member of the social change non- governmental organization, Blue CAPS Michael Leonard strongly believes that the majority of the electorate, comprising of the youth population, will not vote along the race line at the upcoming general and regional elections scheduled for May 11, 2015.

As a matter of fact, Leonard says youths are tired of the race politics being promoted by politicians in order to win votes. During his appearance on the radio programme, ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, January 25, the Blue Caps member explained that the youth population are interested in voting for the Party that knows how to deal with the issues facing the country.

Leonard is offended by the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s attempts to paint the Opposition parties with one brush.unity

“When I hear it, it speaks about racism because we know that traditionally the PPP is an Indian supported Party whereas now the APNU is supported by African Guyanese and of course if AFC joins them they [PPP] might lose their Indian supporters.”

He believes Guyanese have moved passed the issue of racism.

“I am mixed, majority of us are mixed and the notion that we are still going to vote based on race, I think they are sadly mistaking… there is some saying that the young voters make up a very large percent of the population…I think that should be very troubling for some of the parties that are still betting on race,” Leonard said.

He based his views on frequent discussions the NGO has through its ‘Let’s Talk’ forum with civil society and those at the grass root levels.




  1. The PPP have a constitutional framework within the party that is responsible for the selection of it’s leaders. In AFC they have also a constitutional framework and based on AFC’s framework Nigel Hugh should be leader but unfortunately the AFC is disobeying their own rules and regulations. APNU on the other hand don’t even know what constitution is. It is this framework that is responsible for Nagamootoo Exit from ppp.

  2. Coliee boy are you not align and bed ridden with the ticks that are sucking Guyana DRY,,,stop talking about RACE ,,do not go down that road,,If the PPP had Sam Hinds as president, and Benn as PM would you still be shouting PPP ,,,

  3. Blue caps is another politically Organisation. All these Organisation that speaks about race have one thing common. They are all politically align. At this tense election moment many organisation are calling them self multiracial. These said organisations criticize racism and political parties that they consider racial in the day. When night comes these Organisation can be found in bed with the parties that they were criticising. Blue Caps should be more specific on their pronouncements. In that way they will force the racists to correct themselves.


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