Woman arrested after caught on camera attempting to rob store


Ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) have arrested a woman in connection with an attempted robbery at the American Home and Beauty Center located at 72 Robb and Wellington Streets, Georgetown.

So far, the suspect’s name has not been released, but Inews understands that the woman identified herself as “Ashley Williams” to the store owners.

However, this publication was also informed that the woman visited the store to purchase some items on Saturday but reportedly stayed in the store after it had closed. It was then she attempted the daring robbery.

In CCTV footage seen by Inews, the woman was seen coming out from her hiding space in the evening, when the store was empty. She was later seen walking around using a flashlight to see her way around, since the store was completely dark.

Shortly after, the woman walked around to ensure that no one was in the store, and made several attempts to open the cash registers but failed. She was later seen taking several items from the store’s shelves and showcases.

Some of these items include hair, makeup, clothes, earrings, snacks, and curling irons. She was later cornered by security personnel who were alerted.

This publication was also informed that after the woman was caught, she was told by the store owners that if she had taken anything to eat, she would have been forgiven. She remains in custody as investigations continue.