Woman accused of stabbing brother to death during drunken brawl freed

FREED: Debra Hansraj

…due to insufficient evidence 

The 24-year-old woman who was accused of stabbing her brother to death last year during a drunken argument at Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara (EBD), has been freed of the charge.

FREED: Debra Hansraj was freed of murdering her brother 

Debra Hansraj’s case was dismissed by City Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Friday due to there being insufficient evidence at the Preliminary Inquiry.

In April 2017 -on Easter Monday- the accused reportedly attacked her mother and brother while being under the influence of alcohol.

She allegedly stabbed 21-year-old Vishal Hansraj to his chest resulting in him having to receive medical treatment and succumbing one day later.

Police in ‘A’ Division had arrested the young woman shortly after her brother died.

It was reported that Vishaul might have confronted his sister after she had inflicted a wound on their mother, leading to them having a heated argument.

DEAD: Vishaul Hansraj

During that argument, the now dead seaman reportedly collected a knife with which he attempted to injure his sister, who in retaliation relieved him of the weapon and used it to stab him twice.

Both of them were reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

Upon realising that her son had been stabbed, their mother, Sumintra Brijmohan, rushed him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, from whence he was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he later succumbed.

However, the distraught mother was adamant that the young woman did not kill her brother.

She contended that the young woman was at home when her son was seen with the stab wounds to his chest.

Prior to the alleged stabbing incident, the two siblings had gone to the nearby school ground to raise their kites, during which they were seen consuming alcohol.





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