Public outrage as taxi driver manhandled by Constabulary officers over parking


City Constabulary Officers have been accused of unlawfully assaulting and arresting a taxi driver on Thursday afternoon while being in the vicinity of National Hardware on Water Street, Georgetown.


According to information received, the taxi driver- identified as Surendra Mohabir- was reportedly parked outside of the Hardware Store within the demarcated section when he was approached by city officers who accused him of “disturbing the flow of traffic.”

Eyewitnesses, however, have since vouched for Mohabir, saying that the taxi driver was parked along the side of the road and was not contributing to traffic congestion of any kind.

Even after this was relayed to the ranks, the City Police Officers reportedly handcuffed Mohabir, and allegedly assaulted him about his body as they dragged him down Water Street to the Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC’s) City Constabulary Office on Regent Street.

INews was able to acquire footage taken by onlookers at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Management of National Hardware told this online publication that after learning of the incident, they have become extremely disturbed by the manner in which the matter was handled by the Constabulary officers.

As such, the Chief Executive Officer of the entity, Eddie Boyers has indicated his intention to engage the M&CC regarding the incident which has been labelled as “despicable.”

National Hardware CEO Eddie Boyer

“We gotta stop this. This has got to stop. This is harassment at its highest. The videos which you have, show what took place. The City Council needs to talk to the City Police. This is not a criminal offence. Do not handcuff people, scramble them, treat them [like this]. This is despicable what happened here!…If this is how you’re gonna treat tax payers and people who have to use the road way, I think it’s time we complain to the Mayor and City Council, the Mayor, the Town Clerk, that they need to train these city police not to do this!” he told INews in an invited comment.

Mohabir has since been ordered to pay $5,000 bail and is expected to appear at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on May 11, 2018.

Efforts to make contact with the Town Clerk, Royston King proved futile.



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