Whittaker defends appointment of new Industry/Plaisance Overseer

Residents shouting at McDonald's replacement, Orlando Jardine


Residents shouting at the new Overseer [dressed in black suit] during their protest.
Residents shouting at the new Overseer [dressed in black suit] during their protest.
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker has refuted claims made by residents of the Industry/Plaisance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) in respect of the newly appointed overseer, stating that he was selected fairly using a democratic process.

Minister Whittaker said that the residents were misinformed and misguided on the appointment of overseer, Orlando Jardine. On October 1, residents protested in front of the Industry/Plaisance NDC over Jardine’s appointment and what they claim is the takeover of inherited land by the government.

When Jardine visited the community on October 1, he was greeted by angry residents who were chanting “get out of Plaisance jailbird” and even prevented him from entering the compound of the Plaisance/Industry NDC.

However, according to a bulletin from the Government Information Agency (GINA), Whittaker said that his appointment followed a standard required procedure implemented in all of the 65 NDCs.

“According to the Minister, the recent appointment of the Industry/Plaisance, Unity/Vereeniging and Ordnance overseers among others were all subjected to the same requirement. In fact, the Minister explained that the vacancies for these positions were altogether advertised by the Ministry in many of the national newspapers,” GINA stated.

It was noted that they were carried on August 24, 29 and 31 in the Guyana Times, Kaieteur News and Stabroek News and on the GINA website.

Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker.
Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker.

Whittaker said that eight persons applied for the position of Overseer at the Industry/Plaisance NDC and the interviewing panel shortlisted five of these persons to be interviewed.

“However on invitation only two of the shortlisted, turned up to the interview and after consideration the panel determined that Jardine was the one most suitable for the position.”

According to GINA, Jardine, among his other qualifications, is a second year University of Guyana student pursuing a Diploma in Social Work. He also has accounting qualification and has work experience, working in a senior position.




  1. The same way Sooba was selected and illegally appointed, even though the Chief Justice ruled that only tge, LG Commission can make local government appointments. The PPP epitomizes lawlessness!

  2. Ow, Teacher Norman…we observed Dr Henry Jeffrey doing just what you are doing now…and where is Dr. Henry Jeffrey now…????


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