Whale found trapped along Region 5 foreshore


whale [www.inewsguyana.com] – A Whale, measuring between  12 to 15 feet, was this morning (January, 15) found alive by fishermen along the seashore at No.37 Village, West Coast Berbice.

According to the Regional Information Officer, Sandie Ross, the Whale was tangled in the fishermen’s net when it was found. It has since been set free by the seamen.

“The fishermen who were there said they found it about 1 amthis morning and they have been working all the time to have it released from the sein… it’s still alive. They dug like a hole on the beach floor so that it can get into deeper water.”whale

She added that, “as it is now, it’s freed but they have it there tied by the tail and efforts are being made to take it out back into the deep sea.”

Ross could not immediately identify the Whale’s specie, but said it will be transported to deep waters soon. [Tracey Khan – Drakes] 



  1. first time ever heard region 5 was paying an info officer yet it never have a anything in d press about region 5 nor its not functioning so call info officer ? for how many years did region 5 actually employed this officer ?
    i guess its just facing another reality of this pppc government and its set of uneducated and under educated regional officials ! i wonder if a whale is such a breaking developmental issue for our berbician ? soup drinkers


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