An offended Guyana Govt says British Diplomat is “terribly dishonorable”

British High Commissioner to Guyana, Andrew Ayre


By Kurt Campbell

British High Commissioner to Guyana, Andrew Ayre
British High Commissioner to Guyana, Andrew Ayre

[] – The Guyana Government has expressed its displeasure with statements made by British High Commissioner to Guyana Andrew Arye regarding the ongoing prorogation of Parliament; saying he needs to be accorded the status of a pariah.

According to Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, the British High Commissioner’s comments were terribly dishonorable and his departure is eagerly awaited by the administration.

The outgoing diplomat, who served in Guyana for the last three years, had called on President Donald Ramotar to bring a swift end to the prorogation of Guyana’s Parliament; warning that its continuation was in breach of the Commonwealth Charter which could attract sanctions.

But the government has rejected Ayre’s reasoning saying it was absurd and a folly attempt to damage Guyana’s credibility and economic prospects. Dr. Luncheon regarded his statements as unpardonable and accused the High Commissioner of misrepresenting the prorogation of Guyana’s Parliament as a constitutional crime worthy of sanctions.

“There must be something about leaving Guyana that encourages Western Diplomats and Heads of Missions to engage in final fleets of folly,” Luncheon said; adding that Ayre has used the opportunity of his parting to be unusually remembered by the administration.

Head of the Defense Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Head of the Defense Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett took an immediate swipe at the Diplomat soon after his press conference on Monday last, saying he was being unkind to Guyana while dispelling assertions that sanctions from the Commonwealth were likely.

The ruling People’s Progressive Party also cautioned Ayre of limitation to his involvement in domestic affairs.

The High Commissioner has since fired back; questioning why the belief exists that the British should not have an opinion or concern about what is happening in Guyana.

Luncheon told Reporters that the government is particularly offended by the threats of a discontinuation of development aid and investment from the UK to Guyana; reminding that President Donald Ramotar has already given a commitment to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections this year.

“Sinisterly and conspiratorially he revealed the EU and UK’s handy work in the recent EU dishonoring of agreements with the government on budget support,” Luncheon said; adding that “the most dastardly act is the threat of withdrawal of developmental aid.”

Commenting on the likely motive of the High Commissioner’s press conference and statements to the press, Luncheon said “it doesn’t make sense to the combined wisdom of Cabinet members.”

The government is also upset with the seeming comparison made between Guyana and developments in Fiji which caused the country to be suspended from the commonwealth.

The Cabinet Secretary defended the President’s decision to prorogued Parliament; saying his reasons were already corresponded to the Guyanese people.



  1. Priya Manickchand already got her speech ready for the distinguished diplomat’s farewell function. This time it will not be “feral” it will be “brutal”. Go thy way in peace “Sir”, you will be quickly forgotten.

  2. It is well established that the British never favoured a PPP led administration way back since the 1950”s . Not only the British but also the Americans. They have their puppets here in Guyana who enjoy their support both financially and otherwise to the point of getting involved in Guyana’s internal political affairs with the sole intention of seeing the PPP led administration in opposition. A warning for the Imperialists, Guyana has come a long way since 1992 under the PPP/C administration and the Guyanese people are well aware of thei intentions. They will, as always, vote solidly for a PPP led government. So Mr Ambassador, Bon voyage


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