Westford reportedly dropped from PPP’s MP list; Party not expected in Parliament for Budget speech

Embattled former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford
Embattled former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford
Embattled former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Embattled former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford has reportedly been removed from the parliamentary list of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), a PPP insider has told iNews.

The source also revealed that the PPP will not be attending the 2015 budget presentation by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan set for Monday, August 10.

On July 30, PPP Executive Member, Dr Roger Luncheon was asked about Westford’s Parliamentary status, given the fact that she was charged with four counts of attempted larceny, involving a vehicle scam during her tenure as Public Service Minister. She was placed on $800,000 bail.

Former Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.
Former Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.

He had said that no decision was made by the leadership of the Party and that she is “innocent until proven guilty.”

Westford is also embroiled in another scam involving $355M which cannot be accounted for during her tenure as Public Service Minister. The sum was apparently withdrawn in parts over several years, with the most recent activity being earlier this year. She has already been questioned by the police in this case.

Meanwhile, the PPP is also under immense pressure to replace former Ministers Bheri Ramsaran and Anil Nandlall as Parliamentarians, given the charge brought against Ramsaran and the controversy surrounding Nandlall in the murder of political activist, Courtney Crum Ewing.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

Ramsaran was recently charged with the offence of insulting language, which was allegedly committed against Women Rights Activist, Sherlina Nageer on April 20, 2015 outside the Whim Magistrate’ Court, when he threatened to slap and strip her naked.

As it relates to the PPP’s attendance in Parliament, iNews was reliably informed that the Party will only take up its seats when the budget debates are set to commence.

The Party is being led by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.



  1. Mother Sally, the PPP cannot regain a good image with Jagdeo himself heading it he is a liar, not just any ordinary liar but a barefaced corrupt liar, then you have Rohee, Dumb,docile Rohee and stupid Ramotar gullible stupid Ramotar!

  2. Bharat Jagdeo must let go of both “Bheri-Bheri Ramsaran” and Anil Nandalall in order to regain the respect and confidence of the PPP rank and file.

    The recent general elections was won by a very slim margin so those in national office are only on hanging by a very slim thread. The powers that be in the PPP are keenly aware that they had dug their own graves by turning a blind eye to the evil behaviour and wrongdoings of Jennifer Westford, Bheri-Bheri Ramaran and others of a similar putrid ilk. They had lost touch with reality and the common person and in so doing created their own demise.

    Whilst the PPP is busy with ‘cleaning house’ it must make haste in accelerating the departure of such caustic and alienating individuals as its current Chairman – Clement Rohee as he is definitely not leadership let alone presidential material.

    Jagdeo must demonstrate his commitment to change and inclusivity by going past the arrested development of ‘Apanjhaat Politics’ and embracing the need for greater young professional involvement. True leadership emanates from our ability to forgive and move on as demonstrated by the late Nelson Mandela.

    The powers that be must drop the charges against President Jagdeo as the last elections campaign was indeed ‘the silly season’ and no amount of good can be achieved with this senseless pursuit of ‘a revenge agenda’. We must find common ground as all sons and daughters of this soil to live and let live as Christ himself said – “blessed are the peace-makers”.

    We have more pressing issues ahead rather than trying to settle scores and get even. Let us embrace Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘truth, non-violence, tolerance and forgiveness’.

  3. All three of them should be placed in jail for a very long time, they were doing a lot of craziness with those first degree they have which is just a ordinary bachelor’s. Those were there the crimes exposed, what about those that were not exposed as yet,jail them, jail them

  4. The Jagdeo-led PPP should sit out Parliament, in a sort of self-imposed prorogation, until 2020. All matters of public interest should be handled in Freedom House press briefings and releases.


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