Coalition troubles? AFC not aware of Dr Ramayya’s resignation

Dr Veerasammy Ramayya

By Fareeza Haniff

Dr Veerasammy Ramayya
Dr Veerasammy Ramayya

[] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) is not aware of its member, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya’s intention to resign from the Party and is puzzled as to what his reasons for quitting are.

General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson told iNews during a telephone interview on Monday, August 10 that he was made aware of Dr Ramayya’s decision via a report in the Stabroek News today since he nor the Party received a resignation letter.

According to Patterson, the Party is looking into the situation and it is the hope that there can be a meeting with Dr Ramayya in order to inquire about his issues for resigning.

In the Stabroek News article, the former AFC Parliamentarian claims that his resignation has to do with the residents of Berbice not being adequately represented by the AFC.

But Patterson told iNews that he does not agree with Dr Ramayya’s assertion.

General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson
General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson

“It is not something I agree with. I suspect that Dr Ramayya is frustrated about something but I am not sure what it is,” the AFC General Secretary told iNews.

Patterson also made it clear that Dr Ramayya was offered by the AFC to either be a Parliamentarian or work with the APNU+AFC government but he declined, stating that he would prefer to stay in Berbice and represent the people instead.

Meanwhile, Dr Ramayya also told the Stabroek News that he was never in favour of the AFC joining forces with the APNU, but he decided to follow the Party line.



  1. Ramaya may not be the best person to represent people, but he must be RESPECTED and communicated AND MUST NOT BE DISMISSED. The Ramjattan and Nagamootoo have a culture of using people to climb the ladder – like most POLITICIANS – this culture rain supreme in Guyana – especially in the AFC.

    Remember – Lawyer, Gomattie Singh? She was promised to be an MP and later RAPHAEL TROTMAN gave the psot to his girlfriend, I was told !!

  2. Very true, its not about you Dr.Were you not at the meeting when the decision was made to join forces.Were you not there when the question was asked. ” are we going to put the agenda of the AFC first or are we going to put Guyana’s agenda first?”. You were not the only one in the AFC who did not want to join forces,as a matter of fact there were persons in the APNU who did not want to join forces,But a decision was made to put Guyana first and not the party.Good riddance sir for it seems you never had Guyana’s best interest at heart.


    The imminent collapse of the AFC – at the grassroot level – can be seen all around the country – because it has not been able to curb its STALINIST culture that it inherited from the PPP. Nagamootoo, in particular.

    It is unfortunate, but being a member of the Coalition of the Granger Administration and given huge responsibilities to manage significant sectors of the country’s Ministries, as part of government, the AFC Ministers have no idea of IMPLEMENTING the Coalition’s Manifesto.

    Mr. Noel Holder – the current Minister of Agriculture – is desperately grappling at straw – not having a glue about the rice industry, sugar, aquaculture, cash-crop farming and other vital aspects of agriculture. One wonders what does he do when the day comes? Are Ministers not accountable to the people, who elected them. What are the CODE of CONDUCT about? What is this BIG TALK about – PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY? It is a “rosy pie” !

    There has been no real effort by Mr. Holder to tackle the 3 VITALCoalition’s Manifesto commitment – which are: Re-establishment of the Agriculture and Development Bank, the implementation of the Intervention Fund and the Democratisation of the Guyana Rice Producers Association.

    The PPP has controlled the rice farmers organisation and has consistently rigged the RPA elections for more than 30 years. In my many meetings with the Mr. Holder at his Regent Street office. I explained the way the PPP- elements have sought to control the RPA – but he did not seem to get the message or not interested in fulfilling the Government’s Monifesto commitment.

    Mr. Holder said that he was very surprised when he was asked to be the Minister of Agriculture. It took many weeks of “head-hunting” by the AFC to find a person. Executive Members, Mckenzie and Bissesser, were clearly by-passed – the AFC blaming Mr. Granger for not accepting either of the two men. Another potential candidate was former Agriculture Minister in the Burnham administration, Dr. Simpson Da Silvia, who tagged along with the AFC campaigned for a considerable period of time. But he was rejected – even at the expense of the nation’s future, leaving farmners and potential – where are we heading?

    The recently held Rice Industry Conference was nothing more than a PR exercise for Mr. Nagamootoo, who was not expecting Mr. Granger to return from his trip to the USA. Mr. Nagamootoo – who secretly prepared the Conference and commandeered Mr. Holder to front the job, using pro-PPP Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jervis to Chair the Conference. Nothing came out of the Conference. Weeks after- the speeches are not available.

    Sadly, no ACTION POINTS were agreed to get the 3 main DEMANDS of the rice industry on the table. Mr. Holder must tell the rice farmers why he was in a hurry to have a conference – which achieved nothing. Sources close to Mr. Holder said that he is not in interested in the setting up the Agriculture Bank – since the Banking fraternity sees such an institution as a direct competition to the unique strangle-hold they have on the Banking and Financial sector.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Granger has repeatedly stressed the need to make AGRICULTURE the main source of employment of the nation’s 35% unemployed, especially among the youths. Mr. Holder is busy “wheeling and dealing” ! “Time is running out for him and his colleagues”, one farmer told this writer.

    In the area of CRIME and CAUSES of crime – Mr. Ramjattan has looked for the most insignificant option – the imposition of a 2 am curfew make his debut – giving his fiercest opponents – the PPP – to pour scorn on him, whist the nation laughs !

    President Granger cannot leave the nation’s security in the hands of an AFC operative. The President called an emergency meeting of his security chiefs and top advisers to the high level meeting to put a halt to the escalating crime rate. Mr. Granger was elected as President on the absolute assumption that he is the fittest person to stop brutal daily killings in homes and in public places. The nation is very unhappy about measures that has been taken.

    The Prime Minister, Naagamootoo, has done very little, since he assumed office, except turning up at officially functions, as the Queen of Great Britain does as head of State. It is all about smiles and glamour – whilst rice farmers in the Essequibo Coast have not been paid for their paddy and rice, despite the payments made to millers by the government. The money has not been given to the farmers.

    The Essequibo rice farmers are in very aggressive moods – threatening to do physical harm to Mr. Naitram, while Mr. Nagaamootoo refuses to answer his telephones and cellphones – telling staff to say “that he is not in office” or “not available” ! One group farmers said: “It is a one-term glory for Mr. Nagamootoo, let him enjoy most it”, said a group of farmers who spoke to this writer, yesterday.

    AFC activists have had to make way for Mr. Holder – who they claim did not campaign one day for their party at the last elections. One very disgruntled AFC activist, said that Mr. Holder is not committed to the government, but worst yet, “he is highly incompetent” !

    He said that the AFC leaders – when compared to the PPP – are the worst leadership that he had ever experienced in politics. He is considering his position in the AFC. Meanwhile, Mr. Ramjattan has confirmed in this website that the AFC did lose Berbice, confirming the predictation by the RPA Action Committee that it was the rice farmers in Essequbio and other parts of the country that caused a a Coalition government.

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  4. This is only the beginning. There is lots more to come with this coalition.

    It is very difficult for a coalition government to complete a full term in office especially when they are all about power and position.

    For the coalition supporters what have you benefitted from since this government came into office.

  5. Good riddance just interested in feathering his own nest and not serving the country… Now these people are showing their true colours… Maybe just maybe you were not good enough..ever thought about that??

  6. AFC ‘s Veerasammy Rammayya was failed by his good friend Moses Nagamootoo, who did not properly represent him for the Minister of Herbal Health position he so badly wanted. So now he claims that Berbice is not properly represented in the Government. What utter nonsense from the good Doctor !!!! Is Berbice not represented by his protégé ,the great lawyer, Mr. Charrandas Persaud? Continue fighting for the Berbiceans in your present capacity, Dr. Rammayya. Keep cussing the Indians about how they are racial and how they are ungrateful to the Black nurses who delivered their babies when they were bawling until the could be heard from the streets .You are too selfish and self seeking Dr. Rammayya . Do you think Granger would want a camouflage racist like you in his Govt?

  7. You should should tell that to your beloved PPP. No one knows what the hell the PPP is doing to its supporters. Tell them to go to parliament and represent the people who voted for them. Further more, the AFC did not deliver Region 6 as they promised. The bulk of the winning votes came from APNU supporters and a few cross over votes from the AFC. Ramayya is so unfair.

  8. i do believe that ramayya can do a better job than many of the minister in parliament right now, especially the ONE who made a speech on Guyana Independence Day in region 6 and cannot differenciate Inpendence from Mashramani celebration, anywhere that is good for him.

  9. Well the bush doctor finally found his soul,how will he walk the streets of Berbice now that he is kicked out?and any one who is betting on more to go can be assured that if all of them decided to leave ,Nagga will stay,once he gets a chance to be called Mr President when Granger goes out of the country the world can come to an end,Nagga is one happy Judas.

  10. I thought better of Ramayya. Very petty. Very juvenile. Service above self Ramayya. Service above self.

  11. It appears that there now several visible signs of strains within the APNU-AFC Coalition now that vote getter – Dr Veerasammy Ramayya of Berbice has signalled his intentions to part company with the rest of his political colleagues. What does this mean for the so called Cummingsburg Accord and the future of the coalition?

    Is Dr Veerasammy Ramayya’s resignation and partying of ways as reported – the first of several more to come? Is the coalition unravelling at the seams (for the lack of a better word). Could both President Granger & PM Moses Nagamootoo come clear to the nation by letting us know for the record where things are headed?

    Who else will soon is anyone’s best guess so it is best that there be a proper clearing of the air so to speak.

  12. I guess he wouldn’t be missed. Is he interested in moving this country forward or is it about himself and his own ideologies? changes are necessary especially in politics whether we like it or not.

  13. Let this self center piece of sh!t go his way in piece, image he refuse a 180k job because that was too little for him and didn’t come with car or anything.

    He want represent berbice, next time get them to vote for the coalition, unless the PPP offer him something good since they win the region i don’t see how in god name AFC suppose to find him a job there.

  14. Well dr ramaya. Should not have accepted any position when the parties colated. No one party would never rule this country. And we the people are fed up with politicians just thinking about themselves. This is one job where you have to think about the people not about you.


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