“We will never become victims” – Jagdeo chastises gov’t over motion, speaking placement

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and other PPP Parliamentarians.

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and other PPP Parliamentarians. [Stabroek News' Photo]
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and other PPP Parliamentarians. [Stabroek News’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is vehemently protesting a motion passed in the National Assembly on Thursday, August 20 to limit the number of days to consider the 2015 Budget.

The Party is also enraged over what they see as an attempt to “muzzle” the Opposition by not having the Opposition Leader be the penultimate speaker on the $221 billion budget.

The motion to limit the consideration days to three was moved by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who brought the motion to the House stated that it was to expedite the passing of the Budget.

But the PPP is having none of it and insists that there is an ulterior motive to the motion.

“They are afraid of several elements of the budget…If anything I thought they would give us more time rather than less time to consider the estimates,” said Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

“I was here in the past and sat on the other side and saw the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Desmond Hoyte speak fr two hours and we voted on the other side to allow him until he finished his speech…so they are not only seeking to limit my speech to 45 minutes…this is part of a pattern to muzzle us…we will never become victims,” said Jagdeo.

Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira is of the view that it is an attempt to “disrespect” the Opposition Leader. Meanwhile, several PPP members voiced their concern over the motion.

“It has been a maximum of seven days for years, whether the House finishes has to do with the questions asked,” said Teixeira adding that in total, it would amount to 27 hours to consider the Budget.

“The ten regions have some rather revealing information which the public needs to know about… it is a real erosion of the right of the people and the representatives of the people,” said the Chief Whip.

General Secretary Clement Rohee regarded the situation as a “cover up” and an “anti-Jagdeo” agenda.



  1. Opposition PPP/C should have never taken their seats in Parliament in the first place knowing what was done in the 10th. Have to leave the ruling government to govern country into submission until their very own wake up & smell the stench.

  2. Rohit once again you hit it on the head. The constitution needs some serious overhaul. If not we will continue to be witness to this comedy of errors at the peoples expense. Now here it is the ppp crooks stayed out of Parliament until they were good and ready to do 49 % of the electorate a favor and show up. What do they do first chance walk out. We need a new constitution.

  3. Fully orchestrated.. its a eye opener for those that once voted for the afc,had they alone contested the election then the people’s right would have been respected rather than be led and imposed ideals of the bigger fish “apnu”.. to think the afc stranded for democracy now it’s just a Damn shame.. its inevitable that the amount put out would be passed.. its rather unfortunate.. so sad to see the rights of the people being misused and trampled on.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”.

  4. The laws need to be overhauled to allow for independent candidates outside of the two parties or we will be stuck in this blackman coolieman banter for generations to come. Let ppl contest seats for parliament as independent.This will make abig difference. The representation that we have with past the post has past its time.
    I will picket the office of the presidency soon to make my point.

  5. The Opposition PPP can have 21 days and it still cannot stop the Budget from passing. Moreover, the PPP does not need Parliament to dissect the Budget; it has access to media houses that can carry its interpretations and opinions. So far, we have heard from various PPP MPs and not one of them really dealt with the Budget, proper, so what more time does the PPP need? It is just like the Rodney COI: more time to waste time!

  6. To reiterate, the PPP’s motto seems to be “Do unto others, but don’t do it to us” You have subjected the citizens of Guyana to adverse living, terror, ordering the murders of those who did not agree or do your bidding for decades. Roger Khan may be in prison, but he has all of you by the cojones, and still squeezing!


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