Vindya Persaud criticizes gov’t on crime, human rights & women issues

Vindya Persaud

By Jomo Paul

Vindya Persaud
Vindya Persaud

[] – The Budget 2015 debate took a turn for the ‘high road’ on Thursday when People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian, Dr Vindya Persaud stood to speak and sought to rap the APNU+AFC government on human rights and women issues.

A usually vocal Persaud noted her concern with the seeming exclusion of women from the 2015 Budget presented by the Finance Minister, Winston Jordan.

According to her, the word “women” was mentioned only three times during the budget presentation; however, a perusal of the budget showed that “women” was mentioned seven times, and “woman” was mentioned thrice.

“In the entire budget, the word women is mentioned thrice…we have been ignored…where is the equality? Where is the justice? Where is the humanity?” questioned the Parliamentarian.

Pointing to the crime situation in Guyana, Persaud stated that Guyanese are tired of the meaningless excuses being offered to them and would like the situation to be addressed with much alacrity.

“We are now looking over our shoulders when we open our doors to enter our homes because we know not what lurks there…persons have become deluged by paranoia…people have to swallow constant loss and move on every time they lose their small or large earnings’….Guyanese people need protection and they need it now,” said Persaud.

She also called for a fund to be established to deal with persons who are affected by robberies and violent crimes.


  1. Is this the party that has a woman abuser in Parliament talking about women’s rights. It was all caught on tape, so no one can deny it. Also, when crime was rising during their reign, what did they do? Did they even try to do something? This did not happen in a vacuum when did they wake up? I guess crime started in May of 2015, before that is was not call crime.

  2. Vindya continue to represent that 49% electorate that voted solidly for the PPP/C. Should this coalition last for the next 4.5 years then the PPP/C is guaranteed to be back in office.

    These idiots can’t run their homes needless to say a country.

    Unfortunately Guyana will recked by the time this APNU+AFC=PNC is out of office.

  3. You people have got BALLS the size of coconuts. Where were you last year and the years before that? Did you you voice your “concerns” during Ramotar’s and Jagdeo’s reign……….. SMH

  4. I’m surprised that she does not know what lurks there… she should really be afraid; or ask to get in the know.


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