‘We will go to Parliament when we choose to do so’ – Rohee

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary, Clement Rohee during the protest. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary, Clement Rohee during the protest. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) decided to boycott the opening of the 11th Parliament so that it could continue its protest action outside the office of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Wednesday, June 10.

The protest continued even though there is division within the Party ranks about its course of action but General Secretary, Clement Rohee, does not seem too bothered about the issue.

He told reporters at the protest that the PPP/C will go to Parliament when it chooses to do.

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
“We will be going to Parliament when we choose to do so and that will depend on a number of factors as well as how we evaluate the political situation in respect to the future perspectives and the future of the country,” the General Secretary said.

He further noted that “We chose not to go to Parliament for this opening session because we chose to continue our picketing exercise. At the appropriate time when we make the necessary assessment and analysis, Parliament will certainly come up for discussion.”

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
The PPP/C, being the only Opposition in Guyana, is yet to name its parliamentarians and even while the leadership decided to boycott the sitting, they are challenging the technocratic status of three government ministers.

When questioned by iNews as to whether their challenge would have had more of an impact if the PPP were in Parliament, Rohee disagreed.

“We chose to do it this way because we want to alert public opinion and we want to alert the Clerk so that before he does anything, he’s aware of what he’s going to do,” Rohee said.

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, as it relates to PPP Member, Dr Vindya Persaud, who wrote a stinging email to the leadership, expressing her displeasure with their decision to boycott parliament, Rohee said it is her view and she was informed that the forum was not an “appropriate” one to air such.

In the email, Dr Persaud wrote that she is against the planned protest today by the Party, pointing out that similar activities have gained minimal support from the public and its support base throughout the country.



  1. My thing is let the present government build a 5***** Jail and put all the thief in take away what they achieved in the 23years they took from the people of GUYANA pockets .CLLP.

  2. Claudeston, the Carter Center called upon Lowenfield to publish the data from the statements of poll .It’s about three weeks now and Lowenfield is still hiding the figures in he bosom.Could you explain why? If was the PNC ,now called APNU-AFC, what yuh think they woulda do? Boycott parliament or burn down Georgetown? Other parties get rights too and you all must recognize that. The reason youall knocking off people left, right and centre is because youall don’t respect the rights of others . Sooner rather later this will cause you to end in defeat.

  3. Bobby they- the international bodies thru their reps observing the elections certified the results free and clear of fraud. You scum miss the power the pee pee pee had to steal and corrupt. Those thieves can sit out of Parliament as long as they want they will not be missed. Good riddance. Nothing will be different. APNU/AFC for ever. Live with it.

  4. i would like the ppp supporters to sit with the ppp leaders and recount our money (the guyanese people money) that they stole.they are using a handful of lost people to walk around behind them .why dont the people that have been benefiting from the ppp’s robbing of Guyana’s wealth our wealth.why are they not out there???? a lot of you on inews talking trash.why are you not out there,all the jobs and duty free concessions and lands and contracts and cash and all the perks of being affiliated with the ppp friends and family government.why all those made filthy rich by the ppp and Guyanese money dont go out and protest.just on the net talking nonsense ,recount what votes!!!!!!!

  5. Let the uneducated and illiterate walk around in circles all day baking what little brains they have in the hot sun!….they just don’t get it, you were cheated and defeated by your own PPP demigods….take you demo to Guysuco and ask them where your money is, then look at your masters big tacky homes and put two and two together…


  7. Ha ha look at the pack of wolves ,the goat roohee ,these people have no shame ,x 23 year them rule ,that’s not enough ,them so greedy ,them want fo rule for ever ,whenever there is a decline of righteousness and unrighteousness is on the rise then I make a change . When man looses his humanity .god restore it ,lord Krishna to Arjuna ,peepeep looses their humanity ,lawlessness ,disrespectful ,wickedness corruption ,the have no respect for ambassadors from the abc countries ,they are so racial rat deo , Cheddi curse the white man and he was punished for 28 years,manik hand did the same . U are paying the price ,keep on picketing u devils ,

  8. This is the type of ignorance and disrespect that has been going on for 23 years with the PPP/C and they have the silly following. The country went backwards, the nation more ignorant, the adults and children uneducated, while the members line their pockets through theft from everywhere leaving the new government to bail out companies to pay workers. Pampas ignorant Rohee and the blind mices.”We will go to Parliament when we choose to do so” how ignorant and stupid can you be. This is blatant disrespect for the voters. PPP/C do not deserve the residents votes and to sit in parliament.

  9. I actually feel some sympathy for the guy. He reminds me of a drowning man clutching at water logged straws. His pronouncements lack a certain cohesion and logic. He sounds like a drunk man. Poor fellow.

  10. But Emile why are you afraid of a recount? If you are so sure that Ramotar & Jagdeo both engineered PPPs defeat then lets get into those ballots and count Xs..

  11. They are not going to parliament because they are unpatriotic. They are giving comfort the Venezuela i.e the enemy. They always did historically and always played this card. Remember Janet Jagan she went to latin america to bring troops to Guyana against the guyanese citizens. so nothing new here from Rohee. They are the enemy within.

    They destroyed the army and Venezuela fully well know this! While the Venezuelan armed forces is an integral part of the politics, security and economic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan noted their self-serving,self-aggrandizement corrupted regime and cultivated them so that they can do damage to Guyana’s sovereignty. Venezuela always wanted a mucky-mouse Government in Guyana who they can manipulate and fool. Feed them will money and they will sell Guyana. Venezuela wanted to establish hegemony over Guyana and the wider Caribbean using Petro-Caribe.

    What they the PPP should realized is a lost of Essequibo is the destruction of the PPP. They will become the insurgent controlled by Caracas to destabilized what is left.

    Bellicose stupidity is not the game of seasoned national leaders. It is the ploy of bandits who want to clothe themselves with an armor of false strength. It is a cover to hide behind their supports who they hope will go out committing acts of resistance. It is the garment of idiotic cowards.

  12. Wha Wha Wha! Grow up already PPP. There’s an old adage, “do so, nah like so” Every past election, you have bamboozled and threatened your way into office, and once there you couldn’t give a “rats ass,” whether or not the people were satisfied. Now you’re whining and complaining the elections were not fair; two reasons, 1. it’s because the official ballots (the ones with the watermark) were counted, 2. only legal age voters were allowed in polling places. But you need to know, without your presence, life will go on. You are a disgrace to your country and the Democracy on which it was founded.

  13. Look I keep saying that Rohees relevance is misplaced.
    It appears that those in the picket lines should have been in school.
    PPP requires a complete makeover if it is to survive.
    Lets get on with the business of the country.
    UG and the quality of education needs urgent attention, all courses must be accredited within the year.
    Our university should be the best in the caribbean. I watching.

  14. the idiocy of people protesting the results of an election that was fully under the control of a dictatorial and lawless government, claiming that the penniless opposition took the elections from under there noses is by itself a script for a comedy movie of the year.

    with the high rate of crime under the ppp – swat unit and all – this claim that the opposition can steal / rig an election alone speaks to the incompetence of the ppp where general security is concerned and the protestors will never understand how damning of the ppp / government this claim is.

    at least it is no secret how delusional and subservient a handful of elitists from inside the ppp have kept their boting block. the people who buy the nonsense from the ppp make onlookers feel as though the ppp is a cult movement because there is no logic in their actions.

  15. Rohee is a victim of his own ignorance and stupidity. Ramotar and Jagdeo, both of whom engineered the PPPs defeat, are absent from the protest, but Rohee shows up because he does not know better.


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