We must recommit towards being united for a prosperous Guyana – APNU+AFC

Joseph Harmon

APNU+AFC message on the observance of 51st Anniversary of the Republic

The APNU+AFC Coalition extends greetings and good wishes to all Guyanese as we observe the 51st anniversary of our Republican status.

This year, our national celebration of Mashramani 2021 has been deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected Guyana and the entire world.

Mashramani is an occasion when we celebrate, reflect, analyse and showcase the state of our nation. As future generations of Guyanese look back at national and international events and how they were honoured or celebrated during this COVID-19 pandemic it should be evident to all that we, as Guyanese, redoubled our efforts to cope with crime, disease, ignorance and poverty during this period.

As we reflect, our efforts must be defined in how we strengthened national unity, expanded national infrastructure, fortified national institutions, improved national health care, ensured national security, encouraged arts and entrainment and extended public services to all of Guyana.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of commitment, ingenuity and leadership of this administration much of this cannot be achieved.

On the occasion of Mashramani 2021 we must recommit towards being united for a prosperous Guyana, one in which Guyanese show resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic; one in which each and every Guyanese can share in the benefits of our national patrimony. Too many sections of our society are unable to truly celebrate Mashramani because of an uncaring administration.

Accordingly, the APNU+AFC wishes all Guyanese in these challenging circumstances, a happy Republic holiday, and a sober celebration of Mashramani, as we observe social distancing, wash hands regularly and wear masks in public. The APNU+AFC urges that much more thought and creativity be explored by the administration in the event that other national observances in 2021 are deferred.