‘We have no fear of Jagdeo’ – Harmon reacts to selection of Opposition Leader


By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the APNU,Joseph Harmon.
General Secretary of the APNU,Joseph Harmon.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon has made it clear that the coalition government does not feel threatened by Bharrat Jagdeo being selected by the PPP to be leader of the Opposition.

Shortly after the post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday, July 08, Harmon told reporters that the people of Guyana will now have to question Jagdeo’s credibility given his previous pronouncements that he is not interested in any constitutional posts nor does he want to be in Parliament.

Harmon, who is also Minister of State, pointed out that Jagdeo has an ongoing criminal matter in the Magistrate’s Court, having been charged with racial incitement; however the APNU+AFC government will welcome him in Parliament since they do not have any fear of Jagdeo.

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
“Whether it is Jagdeo or whoever it is, this government will stand resolutely and we will be able to defend our position against anybody that the PPP bring up; Jagdeo or whoever. So we have no fear that it is him. In fact, we welcome him in the Parliament because he still got a couple of questions he gotta answer for during his term in Office as President,” Harmon said.

Jagdeo was earlier confirmed by immediate former President Donald Ramotar, as being selected and fully endorsed as the Opposition Leader.



  1. Let this thief and habitual liar head the corrupt PPP…it makes no difference as he will surely be sent to prison for his misdeeds….People bide your time, enough evidence has been gathered and those who squealed to make their deals have already fingered him and this accomplices. So take your seat in parliament and watch when they drag his dutty arse out kicking and screaming

  2. Don’t people have the right to change their minds. Is this not a free practice? Why did you decide you wouldn’t cheat on your exams or your wife or girlfriend but still change your mind and do it anyway?

  3. The PPPC has publicly declared that they would not oppose for the sake of opposing. It is a mass based party and has always taken patriotic decisions during the 28 years of the PNC dictatorship; unlike the APNU/AFC hostile anti-development actions in the 10th parliament. The APNU/AFC coalition would be given support once their policies would be of benefit to the Guyanese people and the country as a whole. So, yes let’s wait and see

  4. Judge not so that yee may not be judged
    Have you never heard, read or told that before?
    Whatever life style the former president is living was earned by being the holder of the highest office of the land and he served with distinction. It’s because of his/PPPC’s policies that many Guyanese both at home and abroad, are proudly flying the Golden Arrowhead. Guyana used to be the ”laughing stock” of the Caribbean and, during the last administration, Guyana was described as the only ”bright star” of the Caribbean.
    You think you know but you have been brainwashed by the propaganda spewed daily by AFC, APNU, Stabroek ”News” Kaeiteur ”News” and the other PPPC haters

  5. The lady magistrate show his ass who is boss. He think he is above the law. Then when he had to appear the other day he got a fake medical document that he had back pain.

  6. Of course they are not in his league, they are not crooks like him and some of his comrades.

  7. Jagdeo don’t have any moral. The poor taxpayers are paying for his Cadillac lifestyle. Sitting in his central air mansion.

  8. Afraid of what ? Count with me APNU 33 PPP 32 that is all that matters . Vote pass . Just like it was under the PPP administration.

  9. You are living in another world. That creature has now placed himself in a position whereby he will certainly have to say how much he stole from the nation. SHAMELESS DOG!

  10. Harmon has always been afraid of the champion. President Jagdeo, is so much that harmon, and ram would never be.

  11. Is this the same jadgeo who said that he was not interested in any political position and was not going back to the Parliament. Is such a leader trust worthy. His good is his word

  12. Maharanee, are you suggesting that “RACIAL INCITEMENT” by a former president is a “frivolous, baseless matter..”? Something which would result in serious prison time up in the USA. Look what Donald Trump is going through after his wicked and sick comment about the Mexicans! Are you suggesting that people of high standing in the society can preach racial hatred with impunity? NO WAY!

  13. I scuff at your description of Mr. Jagdeo as a ‘dynamic politician’. This is relative. If it’s about fuming and ‘cussing down’, well yes, he is dynamic.

  14. I welcome Jagdeo. With him as opposition leader among all those new corrupt faces who don’t have the gall to stand up to him,the new government can clean this country up with ease.Jagdeo is the most corrupt, spiteful person ever.He has no respect or fear of the law. Lock up Mark benscop for years and take Sharma off the air for months.All because people call he out on he wrong doing.His days are numbered,hold on the longest rope got an end.God don’t sleep.The PPP/C just drive in the final nail to their coffin.

  15. Of course , what else could you say . Just look yourself in the mirror when making that stupid comment and see how honest he look. Jagdeo, Roger Khan and the rest of the crooks should be running Guyana, in your opinion!!

  16. I’ve said it before that I’ll attend Parliament more often to be entertained by Jagdeo. I’ve stated that he will keep the government side of the house AWAKE; no damn sleeping in the house. He will keep the PPP/C opposition members on their toes; no more damn playing games on their cell phones like Manzoor Nadir was caught doing in past times. But now I have to add that we might very well see Jagdeo curl up under pressure by Coalition members, as I observed him at the Arthur Chung Center when Writer Derek Walcott and him were in an open debate during the last CARIFESTA here in Guyana, and Walcott wiped the floor with the then President of Guyana. I’ve never observed Jagdeo taking such a verbal wallop. So, like Mr Harmon, I also welcome the news of Jagdeo being the Leader of the Opposition in the Cooperative Reopublic of Guyana, 11th Parliament; God Bless Guyana. God save Guyana.

  17. Yes you SLY, so you think we are afraid of a racist thief and worthless man jagdeo. He has done enough harm to Guyana. And of course he has a court case which you are calling frivolous, making statements to cause race war in your opinion is frivolous I see who you are another crook and a twisted person just like him. Birds of a feather flock together… HE IS .DYNAMIC POLITICIAN MORE LIKE A BULLY…I SUGGEST YOU GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**.

  18. Harmon: Jagdeo has an ongoing criminal matter in the Magistrate’s Court, having been charged with racial incitement
    I have read Jagdeo’s statement over and over and have concluded that the charge was vexatious, frivolous and politically motivated. Nothing in what he said can be interpreted as inciting racism. It’s a strategy that APNU and all the Jagdeo haters are using just to get at him(Jagdeo) but will fail in before the end.
    Mr Harmon and all of the APNU are not in Jagdeo’s league as far as politics is concerned so the idea of declaring that they are not afraid of that dynamic politician, is only a reflection of their actual fear indeed.

  19. APNU ppl will continue to say that PP is best choice. Only the investigation will show the real reason why he is not the best choice. So please bring out all the files you have on Jagdeo deals or just apologise and kee quiet until your 5 years up.
    I know that Mr Harmon reading this and the longer you takefor these expose then to y0ur detriment.
    We want to know The CLICO deal and NIS shares and so who were the beneficiary and can Gita be held accountable?

  20. A rather puerile attempt by Minister Of Ministers to introduce Former President Jagdeo’s position of non interest in public office…. the threat of questions was not unexpected, it is the nature of the beast…..

  21. Jagdeo is the best choice. And that frivolous, baseless matter in the court is politically motivated and should be thrown out ASAP!


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