Update: “I am not going anywhere” – Ramotar; Jagdeo named Opposition Leader

Former President, Donald Ramotar.

By Jomo Paul

Former President Donald Ramotar

[www.inewsuyana.com] – Former President Donald Ramotar has affirmed that although he will not be in the National Assembly, he will still be representing the persons that voted for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) at the May 11 elections.

Ramotar at a press conference on Wednesday, July 08 at Freedom House confirmed that his predecessor, Bharrat Jagdeo will serve as the Leader of the Opposition when the PPP/C heads into parliament in the future.

According to Ramotar, the decision for Jagdeo to return to the House as the Opposition Leader was taken because the Party recognizes the need for a younger generation of leaders to take the mantle and that Jagdeo is best suited to transition the young members of the PPP into the leadership portfolios.

“The Party should go into transition at this point in time…transition to younger leaders to take us to future success…I personally thought that the Party should have chosen a leader from among this generation…they agreed with this decision but after thorough discussion we agreed that we need a transition that is why we have the situation where Comrade Jagdeo is the opposition leader,” Ramotar said.

The PPP released its list of parliamentarians on Tuesday which was void of the Party’s last Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper and the Former President himself. Ramotar defended his absence stating that when the electorate voted, the votes were for the Lists of Representatives of the PPP/C and not necessarily him.

According to Ramotar, the Party losing the elections to the APNU+AFC “changed the political situation quite a lot” adding “our supporters have always voted for the list of the party…I am not going anywhere, I am not going to stop representing the people of this party…I will continue to struggle on their behalf, I will continue to struggle with the PPP…I am not going anywhere as far as I am concerned.”

Ramotar indicated too that he will not be seeking any public office unless there is a “dramatic” turn of events in the future.

“I will not seek office in the future unless something dramatic takes place in the future,” he stated.

The Former President also spoke about the fact that Former Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran will be heading back to the National Assembly.

Dr Ramsaran was summarily dismissed by Ramotar earlier in 2015 after an abusive conversation between himself and activist Sherlina Nageer was leaked.

“There were people in our Party who were not in favour of everyone on the list….but that was the final decision,” he stated when asked how he felt about the situation.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Former Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, Former Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker and Minister of Human Services and Social Security Jennifer Webster have been excluded from the list of parliamentarians.

Former Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy’s name also appeared on the list, however it was confirmed that he has opted out citing some health issues.

The new faces include Dr Clive Jagan, Nigel Dharamlall, Collin Croal, Zulficar Mustapha and Charles Ramson Jr.

Former People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member Africo Selman has also secured a parliamentary seat.


  1. The people voted for Romator to be president .he was their choice.why is he out the list.He should be representing the people who voted for him.

  2. What de hell are you talking about? I sincerely hope that you understand your comment.

  3. Ms Shirley, you mention that Jagdeo gave power to Ramotar then took it back; now, who gave Jagdeo power might very well also take it back; for as I like to say; “power is mostly always just on loan.”

  4. The Opposition Leader should be the designated person to contest the General Election as the Presidential Candidate. Jagdeo can not run for President, so why prevent some other good potential candidate from horning his skills in Parliament and getting the exposure.
    Jagdeo is so arrogant, he thinks he is the best, the PPP has to offer. With Jagdeo, the PPP will only get the rural vote. The young educated voters, especially the indians, have not stomach for him. The question the Coalation should ask the PPP supporters is What has the PPP done for you lately. Name a few tangible accomplishments.

  5. Jagdeo wants to be opposition leader in order to maintain his diplomatic passport. He also wishes to blunt any prosecution for corruption by claiming that the Government is going after him because he is the opposition leader.

  6. Come on Donald. Wake up and smell the coffee! Bharrat has dispensed with you like a used styrofoam box. He gave you power and then took it back from you, because he has power over you. Face the reality, and stop spewing stupidness like Rohee. The PPP already has its fair share of clowns. Stop trying to fit in.

  7. Since advice is scared i would advise Uncle Ram, take a walk north on camp street and just keep going.
    If you refuse i would get Jags to slap you up, or as we say one sarak on u neck back.

    For Jags well u are the reason for the loss in the last election and you will be reason for the next 30 years for the PPP to be out of power.
    The cross over votes you will not be able to influence and change in fact the sensible indians will vote as the situation warrants,so hope that the APNU screw up. What we all need to know now how this CPL thing wuking man own company and frachise carry his name LIMACOL and taxpyers paying. That is Jagdeonomics for Guyana.
    U all still believe that ppl STUPID.

  8. Ramoutar even after being made insignificant is still trying to remain relevant, only time will tell if you’re going or staying. Wake up cause your boy Jagdeo don’t want you around his faithful’s, can’t you see that with Ramsaran going to parliament is in effect making your decision to fire him null and void. Stupid man ohhhh.

  9. These folks need to see themselves not as a party but as Guyanese. This old fashion communist idea shows how much they are our of touch with reality. They are pushing a crisis in the face of a very serious national crisis. They are being partisan and stupid. What immature behavior. What next, revelation that they sided with the Venezuelans to issue the treat?


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