“We don’t have to listen to Britain” – Rohee dismisses British concerns

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and PPP Member Zulficar Mustapha at the press conference on Monday, January 12. [iNews' Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and PPP Member Zulficar Mustapha at the press  conference on Monday, January 12. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and PPP Member Zulficar Mustapha at the press conference on Monday, January 12. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee is not too pleased with the warning issued by British High Commissioner to Guyana, Andrew Ayre that the country could be sanctioned for breaching the Commonwealth Charter.

When asked to respond to the High Commissioner at the PPP’s weekly press conference this morning (Monday, January 12), Rohee said the Diplomatic Corps is becoming too involved in Guyana’s internal affairs and warned them of their limits.

“It looks to me like some members of the Diplomatic Corps are becoming more and more involved in our internal affairs especially when it comes to the holding of elections,” the Party’s General Secretary said.

Earlier today, the outgoing British High Commissioner told a news conference that Guyana is currently in breach of the agreement under the current state of parliamentary prorogation.

Ayre reminded that parliamentary democracy was not only a requirement under the Guyana Constitution but also the Commonwealth Charter; urging the Guyanese Head of State to resume Parliament earliest lest likely sanctions be imposed on the developing nation.

In response, Rohee admitted that the donor community has a right to be concerned about elections in Guyana but stated that there should be a limit.

“…I think there’s a limit to which we should go when dealing with these matters. I see that as a normal course of their duties…It’s up to the government on the other hand to determine whether those statements warrant any responses…in so far as the PPP is concerned…it might be going a little bit beyond the pale in so far as diplomatic practice is concerned,” Rohee said.

He reminded that Guyana gained independence from Britain in 1966 and as such, the country is not obligated to pay heed to their statements.

“We don’t have to listen to what Britain says in respect to such pronouncements. This is an independent country. The British have their own arrangements there too, so you know, take it or leave it, twist it or turn it however you will want to put it, the fact of the matter is that Guyana is an independent country; we have our own constitution,” the General Secretary told Reporters.

President Ramotar prorogued Guyana’s Parliament on November 10, 2014; saying it was to facilitate dialogue between the Executive and the Parliamentary Opposition. On the same day he prorogued Parliament the opposition had signaled its intention to commence debate on a No – Confidence Motion it had filed against the administration.

The President has since announced that general and regional elections will be held this year but is yet to set a date.



  1. Mr. Rohee, Burnham used to say the same thing, the only difference now is that the shoe on the other feet. Burnham could have traveled anywhere he liked, you cannot, you already can’t go to the USA, relax buddy, chill ok for your own good, you will need the UK and the USA in due season.

  2. Guyana government started to deteriorate from the time the JAGDEO was elected President when he put his non-educated and over educated lackies to head the different government ministries and other government related departments, so what do u expect of “goat man” sweety vendor.

  3. Is ball they have that why they banking all the money from all the contracts, thief thats all they doing, this guy is hard to find a simple word for him, Gray is just like his name Dark, Gdhoyte gray stupid, let him sin his empty head and he like many of them think the world is not watching,foolish forget such a kind word ,,,? Is better ,

  4. Its the same aid and money for all them projects that the PPP thiefing to fill the bank accounts, the white man give them, its the same ppl put them in and will see them out, then the suckers will cry foul, i can see with Gray he cant say or do better, when the white man was putting them bastards in power he was in the country lost some place in a back dam, now they give he a 1 free laptop per family and a lil security job at the CUP house, NEVER CUS THE BRIDGE U CROSS,,

  5. The PPP Welcomed and trusted the Members of the Diplomatic Crops during 1990-1992 they were the PPP saviours , and their presence were accepted by the PPP at the 1992 elections . we say , maga dog turn round an bite ya. the PPP are in Government now they dont need the Diplomatic Crops any more, they better run before they get nuf bite lol.

  6. finally ppp finding some guts and balls to deal with these spies who bring gifts to opposition..more feral blast to follw..afcpnc must be jumping for joy now they they will be installed to rule guyana..


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