Guyana’s National Assembly has not met in 6 months; Opposition growing weary

Opposition members in Parliament
Opposition members in Parliament

[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has been governing for the last six months without any parliamentary challenge or examination of its work, a weary political opposition has observed as pressure continues to be mounted on President Donald Ramotar to name a date for general and regional elections.

The administration has also not been able to debate and pass any Bills and so has the Opposition Parliamentary Parties – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC).

Guyana’s National Assembly last met on July 10, 2014 with many opining that there seems to be no path to its resumption even though President Donald Ramotar has promised to dissolve Parliament and call elections this year – 2015.

On Friday last, Opposition Leader David Granger David Granger said his Party – APNU – welcomes calls by the United Kingdom for the earliest resumption of Guyana’s Parliament. “We are deeply concerned as you know with both issues raised by the British Foreign Office, the first issue of prorogation; we regard it as a denial of democracy… the second matter, local government elections… It has a long and noisy history in Guyana,” Granger told reporters.

He bemoaned the absence of debates in which Members of parliament can discuss government policy, proposed legislation and current issues.

Granger reminded that upon the resumption of Parliament on October 10, 2014, following a two month recess, the administration used what he said was “strange device” to delay the resumption until November 10, 2014.”

However, on November 10 President Ramotar prorogued Parliament ahead of a debate on a no – confidence motion brought against his administration by the opposition.

The President’s action was met with rejection from several quarters with the political opposition refusing to engage the executive in dialogue. 

The Opposition Leader, who is now calling for elections, reminded of the many urgent matters that were before the House when it went to recess last year.

These include the Anti – Money Laundering Bill, the Telecommunications and Public Utilities Commission Bill, the Education Bill and the Customs Amendment Bill among others.






  1. Gray i totally agree with you my freind, that’s exactly what Mr Cheddie Jagan was thinking when he married to Janet Jagan, damn crass.

  2. This is true, granger is sitting on his ass doing nothing, with all the crap this lawless government doing and is the same WHITE man got them in power now, The white man give it and he will take it,,just take a look at how many of the same power drunk criminals going to JAIL, in the US, the white man should cut all the money and aid they thiefing to fill them bank acc, but dont worry they the ppp will spend it on lawyers, ,

  3. opposition must keep saying no confidence and keep their door closed and do their business in secrecy and keep hoping and praying that the white man will do the dirty job for them once more and throw ruler ship at their feet again..see how granger happy that UK trying to muscle ppp…white man was right to say they cant think for themselves so they must think for them.

  4. It is the opposition’s miscalculated attempts to bring General and regional elections earlier with a no confidence motion that resulted in the Parliament not functioning. Had the opposition made a more democratic move by agreeing to dialogue with the president, the Parliament would have been functioning normally. The opposition don’t want to take the blame for their inefficient action.


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