Water dredge miner restrained from operating in Isseneru

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[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following an order by Minister of Governance, with responsibility for natural resources and the environment, Raphael Trotman, for a water dredge operation to cease work in the Isseneru area, pending investigations and a fact finding mission, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) was notified that an injunction was granted in favour of Isseneru to restrain the miner from mining or attempting to mine on any part of Isseneru’s titled land.

The court action # 2015-HC-DEM-CIV-W-420 also unsuccessfully sought to restrain the GGMC from issuing any permission to the miner and other defendants named in the action to mine and or operate within the boundaries of Isseneru’s titled property. This matter remains active and before the Court.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DNRE), nevertheless, conducted the fact-finding mission as committed to by Minister Trotman on Wednesday, November 18. A multi-agency team was dispatched to Isseneru.

The team was comprised of representatives of the DNRE, the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, the Environmental Protection Agency and the GGMC. The residents benefitted from a detailed interaction with the team and various concerns on mining along with other issues were raised.

Discussions were also held with the owners of the ceased operation and relevant data was collected.

Minister Trotman had met with the Toshao and representatives of the village of Isseneru and the National Toshaos Council on the issue on November 14 and had immediately ordered the operation of the dredge to halt pending further investigation.

The Government has undertaken to address the issue of land management and the distribution of lands for varying sectors in a holistic manner. [Extracted and modified from Ministry of Presidency]



  1. Covetous eyes are at play here and now are invoking ”Amerindian rights”. Would that land area be debarred from all future mining ?


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