Warapoka businessman dies in boat mishap at NWD

The scene of the boat mishap in which Vanwest Charles was fatally injured

Vanwest Charles, a 26-year-old businessman of Warapoka Village, North-West District (NWD) in Region One (Barima-Waini), lost his life in a boat mishap on Friday.

According to police reports, the incident occurred sometime around 17:05h in the vicinity of the mid-part of the ’99 Turns’, North West District.

Reports are that Charles was captaining a small boat about 16 feet in length, red and blue in colour, powered by a 40 HP Yamaha Engine. He reportedly crashed into another boat transporting passengers and fell into the water as a result of the collision. The young businessman later succumbed whilst being escorted to seek medical attention.

The captain of the passenger vessel, 43-year-old Noel Malvin Evans of Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast, reported to the incident to the Police.  that he was negotiating a turn in the

Evans, who has been the holder of a Coxswain License for the past two years, is also the owner of a 22-foot Speedboat powered by a 200 HP Yamaha engine. He usually operates the boat to transport passengers from the interior location to Charity.

On Friday, at about 06:30 hrs, he picked up four passengers from Iyanna Backdam, Barama, North West District. They were all to be transported to Charity and Moruca, respectively.

At about 17:05h, Evans said he was negotiating a turn at a moderate speed in the mid-area of the ’99 Turns’, NWD, and was on the right-hand side where boats are required to be travelling. As he took the turn, he saw Charles approaching in his boat alone at a fast rate in the opposite direction.

Charles, on seeing the boat, served to the left side of the river where he was supposed to be travelling. In the process, the back portion of Charles’ boat crashed into the bow area of Evans’ boat. As a result of the collision, Charles and his boat engine fell into the River.

The young businessman was subsequently taken out of the water by the boat captain and passengers. Several injuries were seen on his body as he was then placed into the boat and transported to Kumaka Water Front, Moruca, then by ambulance to the Kumaka District Hospital, where he was seen and examined by a doctor who pronounced him dead on arrival.

The body was photographed and processed and is currently at the Kumaka District Hospital’s Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Statements were taken from all the passengers who corroborated Evan’s story. No foul play is suspected. Evans was placed into custody assisting with the ongoing investigations.