Wakapoa teenager five months pregnant; admitted to Suddie Hospital


pregnant-woman-in-hospital[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 14 – year – old school girl of Wakapoa in the Lower Pomeroon is five months pregnant and has since been admitted to the Suddie Hospital after she was examined by doctors on Thursday, September 03, 2015.

Reports reaching iNews indicate that she is five months pregnant.

iNews understands that this is the third case from Wakapoa for this year thus far, where girls under the age of 15 are impregnated and hospitalized. In June of this year, a 38 – year – old father of Wakapoa was remanded to prison for having sex and impregnating his 14 – year – old daughter. She was also hospitalized.

Then earlier in April, a 13 – year – old student, also of Wakapoa, gave birth to twin babies at the Suddie hospital. She attended school and did not know she was pregnant.


  1. I taught school in the Pomeroon quite some years ago and even back them this was an issue. Once these fathers drink their pywaree their daughters are in danger. Of course not all of them are like this. This issue should be addressed by Social Services and the law.

  2. Naga is busy posing off in his new SUV (first time he has ever sit in one), Ramjattan got more freedom to get drunk all over the place, Roopnaranie is busy making his square head swell a bit more and Seelall is busy licking backside to keep his post!

  3. We need Nagamoottoo – Ramjattan – Roopnarine & SeeLall to put astop to this madness since Red Thread and the Brooms woman are failures.


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