‘Vote Like A Boss’ Campaign discussed at Youth Forum in Panama

Ja’asriel Bishop. [iNews' Photo]

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By Fareeza Haniff in Panama City

Ja’asriel Bishop. [iNews' Photo]
Ja’asriel Bishop.
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Nineteen – year – old Ja’asriel Bishop from Mocha, East Bank Demerara is representing Guyana at the Young Americas Forum ahead of the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama City.

Bishop, a Volunteer Peer Educator, was nominated to represent his country by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, speaking on issues affecting youth in Guyana and projects implemented by the Ministry to develop education and security.

During an interview with iNews, Bishop explained that he briefed the forum about Guyana’s Voluntary School Club project, which encourages students to share what they have learned with communities in which they live. He has been a volunteer since the age of 9.

What sparked Bishop’s interest however, was when the issue of Guyana’s ‘Vote Like A Boss’ campaign was pointed out for discussion; a campaign which was heavily opposed by the Culture and Youth Ministry and by extension the Guyana government.

Bishop told iNews that the discussion started when the Director of The Bahamas Ministry of Culture stated that he came across the hashtag, ‘Vote Like A Boss.’

“So it was interesting to know that something Guyanese and youth from Guyana started goodly recognized, it was very interesting and I had to share it,” Bishop said.

With the support of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the Vote Like A Boss Campaign is geared towards encouraging youths to vote on May 11.

Meanwhile, Bishop plans to return to Guyana and share his recent knowledge and experience from Panama.

“The information that I will be taking back to Guyana more or less isn’t a report; it’s more of what I would have experienced and how I think the information which was provided here to implement projects or maybe implement a project that would benefit youths of Guyana and more so schools through the volunteers group.”

The youth forum ended on Thursday, April 09.



  1. Hey mrs. hater your negative comments on the Progressive Government send me to research a little and I stumble upon your father. Please Google it.

    “Mr. Burnham Does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”

    Please everyone please Google it!!! Granger and Joseph Harmon was part of it.
    Greenidge and Green was part of it. Nimakaram was fighting it.

  2. I am a boss, I always put an ‘x’.
    What do you have in mind?
    Mind you the past PNC Government rig all elections.
    You would not have had a chance to be a boss or anybody.
    Hey, go and ask Mr Granger for an explanation and tell him about your ‘boss’ thingy.

  3. Out caring government, the beacon of all things holy and sacred could have explained what they did not like about the Vote Like a Boss campaign. Would it not be so beneficial to the youngsters of today to be educated as to how to vote? The country would benefit so much. Instead of boycotting the program, reach out and take advantage. If the youths know that you are such a caring govt. surely they would vote you in again? Give your input to modify the program and take advantage of it. There is nothing to fear….

  4. Bishop, Is a youth that seems to be on track so far. I would like to suggest this young man come under the wings of one of Guyana’s most intelligent youth Clinton Urling.
    Clinton Urling would make a good mentor for this young man. It’s nice to see so many youths voting especially the majority on the PPP list. As against all those Retired/Retarded in the PNC list. Guyana future is with the PPP. VOTE PPP !!

  5. one house per family..one helicopter per family..one thousand US$ per month per family..one 2015 -4 wheel drive vehicle per family..vote pnc youth arm and u get all that and free weekly groceries…


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