PPP youths defend their right to choose


By Radha Motielall

DSC_0936[www.inewsguyana.com] – Several young new candidates who have recently joined the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) hosted a media conference on Friday, April 10, 2015, to share their reasons for joining the party.

In doing so, they highlighted their beliefs that the ruling party has a progressive plan for Guyana, which takes into consideration every single Guyanese.

They of course expressed the view that the PPP has the best plan when it comes to the youths, stressing that already, the youths of Guyana are at the receiving end of numerous opportunities.

Asked why then are so many young Guyanese claiming “lack of opportunities” and wasting away their precious youths? Olive Gopaul who chaired the media conference replied that exploiting available opportunities are up to the youths themselves.

She explained that while the opportunities are abundantly available, the youths need guidance from their homes, schools and communities that will shape their minds to go out there, grasp those opportunities and make full use of them.

Meanwhile, a heavy focus of the media engagement was on the “attacks” being hurled, especially on social sites, against those who have come publicly in support of the PPP.

And here the case of Clinton Urling was trumped up.

Former PNC/R Member, Peter Ramsaroop in defending the “attacks”, particularly the ones on Urling said “it is an insult to young entrepreneurs”, when you are going to tell a young successful Urling that he is not qualified to make decisions for this country and its youths.  

The young PPP candidates also reminded that it is their democratic right to support a political party of their choice, and urged their opponents not to judge them just because they find themselves on opposite sides.



  1. Mr. Sasenarine Singh, After resigning from the AFC many other AFC Executives followed you. You should consider joining the PPP like the others. Now AFC former General Sectretary Sixtus Edwards, Executive member and Regional councilor Haseef Yusuf, Finance supporter and executive member Mr. Balwant Persaud, and plenty others. PPP is open to any developer and builder. Come and join in the Modernization of Guyana. i listen to the recording “Exposing AFC Deception and Corruption”

  2. Well done this is what is going to carry Guyana foward the youths that take Guyanese people interest at heart not the so call old bags that think they know everything

  3. Attacks on some of those ”youths” who have joined the PPP/C at this time is not unexpected from those who support the opposition. Had these same persons joined the APNU+AFC, the support would have been overwhelming. They would have been treated as patriots, as persons with all the glowing qualities necessary for Guyana’s economic prosperity..
    So far, the opposition have not released their manifesto. They have no plan or policy in place to present to the electorate. Instead, they focus on personalities within the PPP/C. just read through some comments in some daily newspaper and the online one as well, Come May 12 or soon after, you will see the protests in GT streets where those who have no shame will cry foul execute the slow fiah, mo fiah policy.

  4. Sorry Peter. When you and Clinton join the PPP, the consensus among all Guyanese (not only young Guyanese) is that alyuh hanging alyuh mouths fuh soup.

    And the shameless PPP calling Moses a “nemakharam”. That name fit both Peter and Clinton.

  5. Olive Gopaul, You are so right! While we expect the youths of today to be our future and leader of tomorrow, we cannot live their life and force them to choose their destiny. We tried to give advice and guidance. PPP is offering opportunities to all the youths Come one, come all, come on board youths of Guyana. VOTE PPP.
    We must retire so that the youth can continue in Development and Growth.

  6. these youths must ask A B C countries to attend their meetings to listen to what they have to say….the other youths america funding through gecom…they are the ones at big market area under demico playing cards and dice and touting will never vote period..so they are scamming the US people..

  7. who is denying these nut-heads to choose, and if they know off the opportunities that are out there, instead of talking trash into the media because someone want to gain political points in an election season then, point the other youths to where these multitudes of opportunities are so that they can go after them.

    in the case of clinton urling, nobody tried to deny him his right to choose. people are smarter than what the ppp / government would like to give them credit for and clinton urling shouldn’t want to be a hypocrite and expect not to be called out and criticized for it.


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