Volunteer to get experience – Energy Director tells UG students

Director of the Energy Department Dr Mark Bynoe

Too often, young people seeking jobs face challenges when it comes to their lack of experience.

Many employers prefer candidates packing years of experience in the field.

And for new graduants, they will always be at a disadvantaged.

But Director of the Energy Department Dr Mark Bynoe says they can change that, by volunteering.

“The big question becomes how are we going to get the experience if no one employs us. I say the quickest way to get that experience is to volunteer your services,” Dr Bynoe said.

He was at the time delivering a special address to students of the University of Guyana’s Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences during an orientation exercise on Thursday.

“Volunteerism is not such a foreign term and that’s the problem we have had…Many other volunteer institutions allow us to gain experience alongside the jobs we want to perform,” Bynoe explained.

Moreover, the Energy Director touched on the issue of the competency of university graduates.

“We’ve heard consistently about issues surrounding university graduates and persons not being able to perform because of difficulty in terms of competency…If as Guyanese we will be populating this new and emerging sector, it is important that we are grounded and have a common understanding in terms of what it means.”

Furthermore, he told students that anyone can capitalise on the opportunities available in the lucrative oil and gas industry.

“You will benefit once you make the sacrifice…Each operator still needs to have a marine biologist. They still need to ensure that for every well that they drill, they conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. They Must also construct an Environmental and Social Management Plan and those have to be monitored to ensure that they’re adherent to what is stipulated therein. Do not just follow the rhetoric but think about where your future lies.”