Venezuela’s claim on Guyana’s territory “spurious” – PPP

The new map covering Guyana's territory.
PPP Members at a press conference.
PPP Members at a press conference.

[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned the Nicholas Maduro led Venezuela Government for a recent decree which sees the country claiming Guyana’s oil rich Essequibo coast.

PPP in a press statement noted that during its 23 years in office it has defended Guyana against such claims by the Venezuelan government and it will not change.

“The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in Government resolutely defended Guyana’s territorial integrity. In Opposition, the PPP maintains its rejection of the Venezuelan spurious claim and condemns in the strongest possible terms the May 27, 2015 decree of the Venezuela Government,” the release stated.

The Party says while it has not been fully appraised of the details regarding the decree, it is evident that “the outcome is to convert most of our Atlantic Ocean frontier to Venezuela based on their spurious land claim.”

The new map covering Guyana's territory.
The new map covering Guyana’s territory.

Guyana’s Government via the Foreign Affairs Ministry has since responded, labelling the most recent claim by Venezuela as a “flagrant violation of International laws,” deeming the decree illegal.

The Guyana government in a statement noted that any attempt by Venezuela to impose the decree will be “vigorously resisted” adding that the government will spare no effort to bring the issue to the international limelight.



  1. Guyanese time to unite and fight lets start to support our troops
    in any form, all able body should enlist in defense of the home land
    as an x soldier I know this day will come we are well trained lets go
    our sacrifice shall live on.

  2. Actions have consequences. History is replete with instances of bullying land grabbing countries being penalized for their greed.

  3. The PPP contributed to this affront by weakening the foreign service by staffing it with unqualified personnel

  4. Does Guyana have valid grounds to be awarding oil exploration rights on waters which have not been delimited? There is a Treaty the parties signed to solve the problem, but Guyana just doesn’t want to recognize it, that’s the problem. If Guyana does not want Venezuela to say some waters are theirs, then why is Guyana drawing lines and awarding concessions on waters that she knows can be claimed by Venezuela? It seems that for Guyana this is just a game. Maybe Guyana needs Venezuela to send some battleships to those waters to realize is not nice to draw maritime frontier lines withouth consent from its west neighbor.

  5. All Guyanese regardless of race color or party must stand up and make our voices heard. Those in US picket the Venezuelan embassy. Put your actions where your mouth is. We MUST organize. All the numerous bloggers where are you?


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