PPP Candidate mounts legal challenge to appointment of Trevor Williams

AFC Member, Trevor Williams. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

AFC Member, Trevor Williams. [iNews' Photo]
AFC Member, Trevor Williams.
[www.inewsguyana.com] –The controversy surrounding the pending appointment of Alliance For Change (AFC) Member, Trevor Williams continues to grow with the latest move being a court action by Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Saleesha Gafoor.

In a motion filed in the High Court and seen by iNews, the 26 – year – old Executive Member of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), is challenging Williams’ pending appointment as Director of Youth, stating that he violated the constitution by firstly not applying for the post nor is he qualified for the position.

Williams has not been officially appointed to the post and Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry clarified that he is merely a candidate who is being “considered” by the APNU+AFC government.

In the motion, it states that Williams has to go through the legal process of being interviewed by the Public Service Commission before being appointed as Director of Youth.

According to the motion, Williams also has to meet the qualifications which includes: A Master’s Degree in Social Work from a recognized University along with a minimum of five (5) years in Social Work, at least two of which must be involved in youth work; or a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from a recognized University PLUS a minimum of seven years in Social Work, at least three of which must be involved in youth work; knowledge of and experience in using social research methods would be valuable.

Gafoor in her motion states,“I verily believe that the said Trevor Williams is not qualified to hold the said office as per the job description issued by the Public Service Commission…That I inquired from the Public Service Commission and was duly informed and do verily believe that this appointment was not made by the Public Service Commission.”

According to the motion, Williams is already functioning as the Director of Youth, which has been deemed illegal. The matter comes up for hearing in the High Court on June 17.

The PPP Candidate is being represented by former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.



  1. Well said! Where is the change? It would be good to know what are the qualifications for the ministers and if half of them are qualified. Additionally, most of them have passed retirement age so why are they being employed? Don’t we have enough young people in Guyana that have the qualifications? I think the retirees should take a back seat and let the young people get a chance.

  2. I have no problem with the challenge, but what are Miss Gafoor’s qualifications? I know of an appointment to the Botanical Gardens top position, made back in 2011, by the Ministry of Agriculture of a woman who was not qualified, for the job. There have been many appointments by the PPP/C to positions in government. Not only were they not academically qualified, but it created a haven for mismanagement and bribery.

  3. The new Government is expected to do better in every sector of Guyana or else this would be an exchange and not a change!

  4. A degree in nothing, a masters in stupidity and a doctorate in thiefing. I remember when in opposition this guy and his wife riding an old motor cycle. As soon as the get power the wife driving big vehicle. NEVER SEE COME FUH SEE.

  5. Well said Bobby, I challenge the APNU/AFC to produce the relevant documents to show Simona Broomes qualification for the Jr. Minister post that she currently holds. It is for this very reason that she is currently getting involved in activities outside of her ministry jurisdiction. Just recently she made a raid in Bartica and is calling it TIP, this is very hilarious since it is now clear that she has little or no understanding as to the definition of TIP. Once again this shows that the current Government is totally disregarding the complexity of certain positions.

  6. Well, someone is jumping the ‘gun’ here. There seems to be a valid case by the PPP/C if there is such an appointment; this is not confirmed by the junior Minister of Education.

  7. miss Gafoor good to know you want to be recognized but why when the past administration put Stupid Carol Sooba to function as town clerk at City Hall you didn’t file a motion in the high court…besides the chattree.. was chattree then.. blahhhhhhh..jackalso. what Sooba had ..racist.

  8. Jobs for the boys [ and girls]. Please tell me something about Simona Broomes’ qualifications. Did she attend Secondary School ? What about Jaipaul Sharma et al ?

  9. this court challenge coming from the same people that installed the incompetent unqualified town clerk whom we witnessed sent on leave rather unceremoniously a week and a few days ago.

    the ppp was a real dictatorship when you look at their performance in government to what is playing out now and the hypocrisy just plain stinks.

    in saying this the administration nevertheless must do the right thing and appoint people on merit and qualification.

  10. Was Carol Sooba qualified to be Town Clerk. Did she have 5 or 7 years on the job?

  11. Even though I’m a current supporter of the new government I must say I like this legal challenge very much. Mr. Williams has no right getting a job that he does not have the qualifications for. The coalition should not go down the same road the previous administration. That road only ends in defeat. Taxpayers deserve better the least of which is to be served by people who meet the criteria for the posts they hold.


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