Venezuela agrees to send back its Ambassador to Guyana and to accredit new Guyanese Ambassador


unnamed[] – The historic meeting between Guyana’s President David Granger and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has ended with the Venezuelan Head of State giving into Guyana’s demands.

Speaking to media operatives shortly after the United Nations facilitated meeting in New York, President Granger said Venezuela has agreed to accredit the new Guyanese Ambassador, career diplomat Cheryl Miles.

President Maduro has also agreed to send back his Ambassador to Guyana which he had recalled a few months ago when the decades old border controversy between the neighbouring countries was reignited.

Venezuela has also agreed to accept a United Nations investigative team that will report to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon so that a final resolution can be arrived at.

“The Secretary General has a menu of measures which he has sighted; he knows very well that it has reached a stage where it will require a legal investigation,” Granger said.

This was President Granger’s first meeting with Maduro.

He said he was grateful for the meeting which afforded both sides the opportunity to explain its individual position.

Prior to the meeting Granger and Maduro were photographed shaking hands.

Granger reported that “the Venezuelan position is based on the Geneva agreement… they felt they were seeking resolution through the agreement but avoided that the matter was settled in 1899… they couldn’t provide evidence that the agreement was null and void.”

He said Guyana has asked for legal solution to the matter.

Also in attendance at the meeting were the Foreign Ministers of both Guyana and Venezuela.




  1. Graver is turning out to be a real politician a real leader and an effective negotiator for the people who chooses him to govern
    A true leader is one who can tell you to go to hell
    And you will look forward to the trip

  2. are Guyanese really that stupid to believe that? Guyanese need to read international news and stop believing all that’s said by those politicians


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