Granger and Maduro shake hands; Meeting ongoing


unnamed[] – President David Granger has met Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and has shaken hands as the two leaders set their eyes on a resolution to the ongoing border controversy.

Maduro and Granger are currently holding discussions along with United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, in his office at the UN headquarters in New York.

iNews will bring you updates on the meeting as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, Guyana and Venezuela have spent the past hours laying out demands ahead of today’s 7pm meeting between Presidents David Granger and Nicholas Maduro in the UN Secretary General’s office in New York.

President Granger is insisting that the border claim matter be referred to the International Court of Justice and there be an immediate resumption of diplomatic relations.

On the other hand, Venezuela El Universal has reported a tweet by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister. “We hope that tomorrow (Sunday) the presence of (Guyana) President (David) Granger in the UN meeting legitimizes Guyana’s will to return to the path of the Geneva Agreement,” posted Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez on her Twitter account @DrodriguezVen, referring to the meeting on Sunday between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his Guyana counterpart David Granger in New York.”

Inews, which exclusively confirmed the time, date and venue of the Granger/Maduro meeting under the auspices of the UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, will bring updates on the New York talks as they become available.




  1. Diplomacy is the way forward. Our borders should be respected and protected. Guyana and all its resources belongs to Guyanese regardless of political affiliation. Granger and Team must stand firm on this border issue. The Geneva agreement must be respected.


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