Various eco-lodges & resorts to offer affordable tourism packages in November

Rock View Lodge

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) on Wednesday launched Guyana Escapes 2023, an initiative aimed towards promoting tourism in Guyana by driving traffic to established lodges and resorts countrywide.

This promotion will see participating companies offering enticing packages and new experiences from November 1 to December 15, contingent on availability.

Thus far, nine businesses are partaking, namely: Karanambu Lodge, Rock View Lodge, Arrowpoint Nature Resort, Sloth Island Resort, Bimichi Eco Lodge, Atta Rainforest Lodge, Hurakabra River Resort, Aruwai Resort and Iwokrama River Lodge.

Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Oneidge Waldron explained that this forms part of the Government’s holistic vision to establish Guyana as a premier location for eco-tourism, sports, business and more.

“Presenting this package in the way that you get deals is a great marketing tool and it’s something that I can see benefiting the resorts, especially in the offseason, when traditionally you don’t have that much traffic,” Waldron said.

Waldron added that this is also a move to encourage collaboration between the Government and the private sector in enhancing tourism products in the country.

“[I] recently visited Costa Rica where their eco-tourism product is a bit more mature. We learned that the private sector is the one doing the driving of their tourism product. They are a premier tourism destination and you hardly see the footprint of the Government,” Waldron said.

“We understand that as we are small and we’re now at the beginning stage. So, as a Government, we want to provide that support and it is for the private sector to run with the vision,” Waldron said.

Companies looking to participate in Guyana Escapes 2023 must be licensed by the GTA or have initiated the licensing process, and must create packages that are appealing, cost-competitive and offer discounted rates to entice travellers.

All participating businesses who have developed new experiences will receive a 25 per cent discount on the GTA licensing fees in 2024, while those that sell 25 or more of their promotional packages within the period will be offered a 25 per cent discount on their 2024 THAG membership dues.

GTA is also extending support to businesses that require assistance with their digital marketing and promotional campaigns.

All participating businesses are required to provide their packaging information, pricing, images, logo and booking information by Oct 4.

“Our industry prides [itself in] not only the beauty of our lands, but also the warmth of our hospitality that is so meaningful and the commitment to sustainable tourism. Together, we can not only drive economic growth, but also protect and preserve the natural treasures that make our country so unique,” THAG President, Dee George said.