US Embassy, Carter Centre, others congratulate President Granger

President David Granger arrives at Parliament. [iNews' Photo]

President David Granger arrives at Parliament. [iNews' Photo]
President David Granger arrives at Parliament. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The United States Embassy in Georgetown has extended congratulations to newly sworn in President of Guyana, David Arthur Granger following his induction to office at Parliament building on Saturday, May 16.

The Embassy has expressed the hope that President Granger will work to repair the divisions in Guyanese society that have emerged during the election period and,“will work to promote inclusive governance and national development in the best interests of all of the people of Guyana. The United States of America pledges its willingness to work collaboratively with the new government in this regard.”

The Embassy has also extended its appreciation to outgoing President Donald Ramotar and the members of his administration for their service to the people of Guyana.

“The Embassy congratulates President Ramotar for the numerous achievements that his government made in the socio-economic development of the country and in strengthening the relationship between Guyana and the United States of America.”

The release added that the embassy officials are looking forward to continue working with Mr. Ramotar and the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic in its new role as loyal opposition.

Guyanese and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) continues to receive commendations for ensuring the elections process were peaceful, free, fair, and credible.

“With the election campaign concluded and all ballots cast, counted, and verified, it is time for Guyana to move forward. The Embassy calls upon all political leaders to work together in a spirit of reconciliation and to focus their efforts on collaboratively building the nation’s future.”

Meanwhile, former US President Jimmy Carter also extended congratulatory remarks to President Granger in a media release from the Carter Centre.

“I would like to congratulate President David Granger and the APNU/AFC coalition on their success in the 2015 election. I have great expectations that the new government will reach out and promote healing and reconciliation in Guyana. It is now time for all Guyanese to unite and work together to realize the great potential of their country.”

The Carter Center deployed more than 50 observers throughout all 10 regions of Guyana for the 2015 general and regional elections. Its observers remained in the country to monitor the process of tabulating and declaring results.

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) also extended congratulations to President Granger. The Commission described the occasion of the swearing in of Guyana’s 8th Executive President as ‘historic’.

“The Commission lauds the new President for a well fought campaign which focused on uniting the people of Guyana and for the promise of an inclusionary government which ensures that the needs of all the people are met.”

The PSC has expressed confidence that the new government will encourage private investment and support the private sector as it continues to strive for the creation of jobs and the overall development of our country.



  1. Congragulations!!! To our new leaders. I know that they have the ability to lead this nation. Much Much love to David and Moses. I will be waving the victory banner with pride because Guyana is now beginning a new era. Praise be to God.


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