“The struggle continues” – Former President

Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]

Former President, Donald Ramotar.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Donald Ramotar says he is disappointed, hurt and aggrieved in the face of the swearing in of Guyana’s 8th executive President David Granger, following the declaration of the elections results by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Saturday.

A media release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) stated that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) remains convinced that a recount would have proven that the electoral processes had been compromised and the PPP/C would have won.

See full statement below:

The results of the 2015 general and regional elections have been declared by the Guyana elections commission. Unfortunately these results have been shrouded in controversy.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members and supporters of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for your unwavering commitment and support and for the confidence which you reposed in us. I want to acknowledge all the hard work and sacrifices made by you in the campaign, particularly those supporters who toiled, sometimes unnoticed, to keep our machinery going.

While we are disappointed, hurt and aggrieved, I urge you to remain calm in the face of widespread provocation associated with triumphalism.

We should be proud of our unstinting commitment and ceaseless efforts to preserve our country’s democracy. We should also be justifiably proud of our record of success in restoring our economy and dramatically transforming our country over these difficult years of struggle.

Let us not be daunted but redouble our efforts to keep our party strong and resilient. As we look to the future we will stand with our people to continue the struggle for freedom and democracy as we did decades before.

As you are aware, the people’s progressive party/civic had requested the commission to conduct a recount of the ballots cast in view of the several irregularities and discrepancies found during and after the day of the elections. We believe that the electoral processes were severely compromised. That is why we requested a recount of the ballots. Regrettably, our repeated requests were denied by GECOM.

The right to universal adult suffrage and its exercise of “one person, one vote” which the PPP won for the Guyanese people in 1953 is again under threat.

GECOM by its constitutional mandate and the observer missions have made their pronouncements on the elections without taking into account the real concerns that have been brought to their attention by our party.

My party remains convinced that a recount would have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the electoral processes had been compromised and the PPP/C would have won.

We have agreed to pursue options for redress under the constitution and the law including an elections petition.

Once again we are being removed from office, not through the will of our people, but by electoral manipulations. Yet we will remain steadfast in our commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy.

My fellow Guyanese, it has been my humble honour to serve you as president of our dear land over these past three years. I have upheld my sworn duty to carry out my mandate without fear or favour.

My party is proud of our record in nurturing and building a free and democratic country. Clearly these elections demonstrate that the freedom we have can still be compromised but we have always acted in the interests of all of our people. We will continue to do so and will remain steadfast in our commitment to serve all Guyanese and to work for the unity, stability and progress of our country.

I am urging the new president and the APNU-AFC leadership to take urgent responsibility for the preservation of peace, the respect for all our citizens regardless of race, colour or creed and the protection of all Guyanese irrespective of political affiliation.

As we enter into a new phase of our country’s political life, the PPP/C will continue to strive for a strong democracy, a cohesive society and a better Guyana.


The struggle continues.




  1. Those sorry losers, this former president Ramotar and his shadow Jagdeo had been an emberessment to Guyaniese all over for too long. This election most of their supporters those race over progress, still living in the past. your cup is full and running over with Corruption, greed, lawlessness, zero accountability, fraud, murders of it’s citizens by a friend of the PPP gov’t. Roger Khan, drugs, debt and the tax payers monies. No one to slap around anymore Jagdeo / Ramotar the people had spoken, now get the hell out. Don’t let the door hit you all on the way out. Cheddy Jagan must be smiling in his resting place.

  2. Join with them n work for the betterment for all guyanese move away from old politics looking forward to c more political unity n let our country progress further

  3. Mr. Ramotar it’s time you and your party accept and move on the people have spoken. I would have taught that as the then president you were the one who had the final say with regards to GCOM and you would have trusted them but now that you lose the fight you are making all sort of excuses. This is to show how immature you are, please wake up and tink of better strategies which will help to build a better nation, a nation united in love and equality for every citizen of Guyana far and wide. We love Guyana and would love what’s best for every one as a nation decided will fall. Now we’ve got a new leader my prayer is that the grace of God will abound and that he will humble himself and let the name of God be glorify.
    I love Guyana.

  4. The table was set for the PPP exit when they did nothing for years about all of the bribery and corruption….maybe they sit back and look deep and hard into how they governed and bring back honesty and hard work to the forefront…in the mean time, I hope Mr Granger is successful on his promises and works towards a united, democratic and progressive Guyana, one Guyana for all…

  5. PPP you have come to the end of your road.. While you were governing you should have thought of a day like this. You do not disrespect the powers of the world and expect to win. In addition you have walked all over your own people and trampled upon their integrity. Next time bring some competence and brains to the table instead of incompetence and arrogance. Sit back and reflect. You did not think people were paying attention, huh?

  6. Old GUYANESE proverb—“Emtpy platter does make most clatter”.D Duck your prattle sounding more like loud clatter.

  7. The silent and peaceful majority hear you Sir.
    We are proud of the PPP/C
    Will come back
    But stronger.

  8. This is a victory for all Guyanese l said it an it came to pass let God be God the wicked only prosper for awhile but their destruction is sure let peace love and unity reign in this land of ours may God bless our President and team and guide them as they administrate the affairs of this country. Peace”

  9. You have nobody to blame but yourself and your ministers. You have let your people down and I wish you luck gaining their trust back. How could you all just sit by and watch these people do this? All the evidence you have and that meant nothing? EVERY VOTE COUNTS REMEMBER? Apparently they were counted and divided without our permission. You are all going to tell your supporters you are sorry but there was nothing you all could have done? It’s really hard to just keep going knowing that a lot went wrong and nothing absolutely nothing was done about it.

  10. Have you folks notice that the ppp never give up that easy when they lose their bids,jagdeo is behind all of this nonsense that was the way they were trained in Russia as I have previously stated, his script language is very poorly written that Is how folks knew how silly both jagdeo and ramotar looks in the face of the Commonwealth countries,let’s be real I will be heading home shortly to see what will take place then


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