Update: Suspect arrested in foiled robbery on Hand-in-Hand Trust


Less than two hours after gunmen shot a security guard in an attempted robbery on Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation, one of the two suspects has been apprehended.

The hand-in-hand Trust Company on Middle Street, Georgetown which gunmen tried to rob this afternoon
The Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation on Middle Street, Georgetown which gunmen tried to rob this afternoon

Reports indicate that the suspect, whose name has not yet been revealed, was intercepted by ranks on Mandela Avenue in motor car PVV 40. He was quickly taken into custody and his vehicle impounded.

At approximately 14:00 hrs today, a brave female security guard attached to ISS Security Service, contracted with Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation, was shot to her right leg after she and her supervisor foiled a robbery attempt on the financial institution.
According to a Police report, the 32-year-old female security guard attached to the Hand-in-Hand Trust on Middle Street, Georgetown, is presently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
The Police reported that the “two suspects were observed entering the building and in the process trying to conceal their identities by placing pieces of cloth over their face”.
The Police said the female guard and her supervisor, who was armed with a handgun, approached the suspects who discharged a round at the female guard hitting her below her ankle.
“Her supervisor returned fire and missed the suspects but managed to grab onto one of them and a scuffle ensued; during which process, the suspect snub-nosed revolver with five matching rounds fell and retrieved by the supervisor. The suspects then escaped and entered a waiting motor car which was parked a short distance away,” the Guyana Police Force.
Investigations are in progress.


  1. This brave lady should be appropriately reward for what she has done –I guess the APNU leaders and thugs are pissed at her for doing what she did –the vultures got nothing-


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